Composite Tubing

Polygon, Walkerton, IN, has released a high-performance composite tubing for surgical applications. PolyMed® composite tubing is ideal for use in a diverse array of medical applications such as placement on electrosurgical devices (both monopolar and bipolar), surgical ablation tools, and suction irrigation or trocar cannula. Lightweight and strong, the tubing is invisible to x-ray. It is thermally insulating and nonconductive. It acts as a drop-in replacement for stainless steel tubing in a variety of endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation applications. It is ISO-10993 compliant and can be sterilized.

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Embedded Memory

Versalogic, Tualatin, OR, has launched a new SWaP-optimized embedded computing system with ECC memory. The Harrier embedded computer features the Intel’s latest fifth generation Apollo Lake Atom™ processors with error-correcting memory. The computer includes a TPM 2.0 security chip, onboard power regulation, USB and Ethernet I/O ports, and Mini PCIe expansion sockets. The soldered-on ECC RAM enhances both the reliability and ruggedness of the product. It is available with up to 8 GB of error correcting code (ECC) memory to address the risk of memory errors in any high-reliability applications.

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Catheter Handle Platform

A catheter handle platform from Freudenberg Medical, Jeffersonville, IN, provides next-generation design options with a through lumen, modular distal end and a variety of shaft options for electrophysiology guide, diagnostic, and therapeutic catheters. The Composer® Toccata catheter handle platform is optimized for controlling smaller catheter applications up to 9.5 Fr OD and provides extensive design flexibility with a variety of shaft options, a proximal luer connection and an adjustable tensioning system.

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Closed-Loop System

Nordson ASYMTEK, Carlsbad, CA, has released a closed-loop flow control that automatically compensates for viscosity changes during conformal coating. Qadence selectively applies coating to specific areas of a circuit board consistently throughout production. The flow control system maintains stable fluid application, flow rates, and performance by automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch variation. It eliminates the need for frequent operator adjustments and downtime to recalibrate the process.

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Chipsets from THine, Tokyo, Japan, enables high-quality video performance for a wide range of applications. The new THCV241A and THCV242 chipsets allow engineers to extend MIPI CSI-2 transmission from 1 ft to over 15 m. Because the 241A/242 chips support video mirroring, this chipset can be used for troubleshooting system problems or for applications such as 3D surgical equipment, which require a secondary application processor that is distant from the source video camera.

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Conductive Coatings

Jaro Corp., Ipswich, MA, offers conductive coatings for electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding, mainly in plastic enclosures. These coatings can be used to either shield EMI/RFI emissions generated by the electronics in a device or to protect the device from surrounding EMI/RFI interference. All coatings are applied by hand spraying, dipping, or a by a computer-controlled selective coating dispensary system.

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Coil Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies, Santa Clarita, CA, has introduced a high-acceleration, voice coil driven, XY positioning stage with a precision bearing system. The stage minimizes the amount of pitch, yaw, and roll in the system. The VCS06-010-BS-01-MXY voice coil stage is a closed loop positioning system that can be used for positioning applications. It utilizes a custom low-profile design that utilizes a unique electromagnetic circuit design. The motor has a two-axis planar coil assembly that interacts with a common magnetic circuit.

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Masterbatch Conductive Compounds

RTP Company, Winona, MN, has expanded its line of conductive compounds to include new conductive masterbatches, designed to provide a new standard for safe, productive, and reliable solutions for environments that are prone to electrostatic discharge (ESD). CCX Conductive Masterbatches are available in a variety of resin systems and can be formulated with four distinct additive technologies: stainless steel fiber, carbon nanotubes, carbon black, and PermaStat® dissipative polymer technology.

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