Round and Flat Wire

Ulbrich, Westminster, SC, offers a fine wire stocking program for medical device developers who need round and flat wire quickly. Materials available include 304V, nitinol, tunga, L6050, CD172, and MP35N. A brochure is available that provides material, size, tensile range, winding tension, bobbin type feet/bobbin, and part number. Wire ships within 24 hours of order acknowledgement.

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Specialty Materials

ATI Metals, Pittsburgh, PA, offers specialty materials for medical devices and equipment. The company's titanium, stainless steel, and superalloy materials help provide strength, formability, and biocompatibility in knee and hip implants, orthopedic screws and braces, dental implants, spinal implants, cardiac stents, pacemaker lead wires, and other applications. Materials include titanium alloys, cobalt-based alloys, zirconium-niobium alloys, nickel-titanium alloys, and titanium wire. Specialty materials for medical systems such as MRI equipment include niobium-titanium alloys for superconducting magnets.

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Stainless-Steel Alloys

Stainless steels suitable for medical device manufacturing are available from Tempered and Specialty Metals, Sterling Heights, MI. For medical devices, 304 is used where high corrosion resistance, good formability, strength, manufacturing precision, reliability, and hygiene are of particular importance. For surgical stainless steel, 316 and 316L are predominantly used. By alloying the elements chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, stainless steel offers a uniquely reliable product for scientists and surgeons. When surgical blades are called upon for heavier duty cutting or oscillating action, the company's in-house tempering can produce light gauges at various tempers up to full hard.

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Specialty Metals & Alloy Development

West-Tech Materials, Costa Mesa, CA, develops metals and alloys used in medical devices and assemblies. The company's precious metal alloys for medi cal implants and devices, including platinum-based alloys, gold, palladium, and silver alloys. Metals are provided in fine wire from less than 0.001 in. diameter for micro-coil applications used in pacemakers, defibrillators, and other catheter devices used in endovascular treatment. Ribbon, foil, strip, and rod are available for stamping and machining.

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