PI, Auburn, MA, introduced a new line of round multilayer actuators in its proprietary PICMA® ceramic series, and expanded its current line of rings and round chips with larger dimensions. The P-088 circular series PICMA piezo actuators, chips, and tubular stacks have an operating voltage of –20 to 100 V, and resonant frequency up to 68 kHz. UHV-compatible versions with solderable contacts are available. The expanded PD0xx series of miniature annular PZT chips now have outer diameters from 5 to 16 mm and inner diameters of 2.5 to 8 mm. The largest diameter, 16 mm, delivers 6000 N (1300 lb) of blocking force in circular form and 4400 N in annular shape. Travel range of 2 μm is achieved at 100 V.

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