High Speed Interconnects, Scottsdale, AZ, announces custom, fine-wire and fine-pitch diagnostic imaging assemblies for medical device OEMs producing next-generation ultrasound equipment.

HIS’s proprietary extrusion capabilities produce fine-wire coaxial cables ranging from 40-50 AWG and these can be packaged as either ribbonized or bundled assemblies. Fine-pitch, microscopic termination capabilities range from 1 mm to 0.175 mm. Despite their small size the assemblies are extremely durable (exceeding in excess of 500,000 flexes at ninety degrees) and capable of withstanding the demands of Ethylene Oxide gas sterilization.

These micro-coaxial, medical assemblies are offered as insulated singles, twisted shielded pairs, parallel pairs, or differential pairs, and can be delivered terminated to flex circuits, PC boards, transducers, optics, emitters and detectors, and other medical sensors.

Since HSI extrudes its own coaxial cable and formulates its own VP90TM ePTFE dielectric, each cable can be customized to be ergonomic, light, and miniature. Their capacitance specifications can also be tuned to exceed less than 12 picofarad (pF) per foot, and impedance can be tuned up or down by 0.05 an Ohm.

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