Omnetics Connector Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) offers Latching Micro- D™ connectors with a new squeeze-latch system suitable for making quick cable connections to rack and panel equipment. In addition to being small and lightweight, the connectors, at .050" pitch, have passed extensive shock and vibration testing, including pull tests exceeding 100 pound pull force. The design eliminates the use of screwdrivers and hand tools. Medical devices, such as surgery tools, ultrasound monitors, and optical scopes require frequent connection and removal from instrument panels. These panel-mount connectors offer options for connecting inside the instrument, including P.C. board lead frames and direct wiring. Highly rugged and compact designs using aluminum alloy 6061 shells with nickel plating offer contact counts from 9 to 51 positions. Operating temperature ranges from -55 to 125 °C.

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