Polyzen (Raleigh, NC) has achieved a quality standard threshold that allows for the production of seams that are as strong as the actual film itself, resulting in resilient product performance. The company offers capabilities to RF weld polyurethane film as thin as 0.5 mils (13 microns) and the ability to maintain uniform seam width all while attaining a variety of shape and size configurations. The most common materials used in RF welding typically include PVC, polyurethane, and EVA; however, Polyzen also welds other polymers such as polyamides, polyesters, polyvinylidine fluoride, specialty formulated TPEs, and olefin films. Any thermoplastic elastomer material can be welded to form a weld seam to produce various medical devices including, barrier products, multi-layer articulated balloons, gloves, condoms, inflatable catheter balloon cuffs, bladders, specialty bags, and bioreactor bag liners.

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