Jenica Kolhoff has worked with Fort Wayne Metals since 2011. As a Nitinol Applications Engineer, she is an expert in utilizing Nitinol product forms for medical device design. Jenica graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering.


Working in what is still is a largely male-dominated field, Jenica Kolhoff has established herself as a subject-matter expert for Nitinol, a material that’s still considered exotic by many due to its unique shape memory and superelastic properties. The majority of her career has focused on testing, processing, and researching the properties of Nitinol wire used in medical applications at one of the world’s leading Nitinol manufacturing facilities.

Her deep theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, combined with her ability to analyze problems and help customers solve design challenges, has made Jenica one of the most trusted sources of information about Nitinol for Fort Wayne Metals employees and customers alike.

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