The news cycle is never ending. Now is a time of instant gratification—and with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, along with the buzz of many national, global, and local news sites, news seekers are bombarded with information. Do you need more news stories (and cat videos), or do you need access to the right news stories to help keep you up to date with information for your industry?

A reader recently asked me how he can get more from his monthly Medical Design Briefs subscription. I asked him if he was signed up for our E-INSIDER newsletter and if he was aware of the News tab on our website at

We populate the site with exciting new research stories from around the world. In addition, an online industry newsfeed alerts readers to the comings and goings of top company executives, mergers & acquisitions, new plant openings and expansions, along with their hiring expectancies, regulatory approvals, and more, culled for you in a quick, easy-to-view recap.

Tech Briefs TV, the Engineering Innovation Channel located under the Video tab, is another way we are bringing cutting-edge research advances to your desktop, laptop, or phone, wherever you are. Sorry, cat aficionados, but no cute felines doing tricks here. Ways to improve surgical devices, prosthetics, cardiovascular health, sterilization techniques, materials visualization software, and motion control for medical products, are some of the most recent videos uploaded to the site.

Another extra that readers find useful is the Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing Guide & Directory in this issue. Hundreds of listings categorized in one place can help you find the right partner for your manufacturing needs. From Assembly to Testing and everything in between, this issue is one of the most practical and useful additions to your library. A Feature article from a leading contract manufacturer in this section addresses expanding design and development teams to incorporate new methodologies and unlock more innovative ideas. The Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing Guide & Directory also can be found on the website where it lives year-round for your convenience.

In the December issue, our Medical Product Buyer’s Guide is our second yearly directory to help keep you connected with major component suppliers throughout a product’s design, construction, testing, packaging, and distribution.

So, enjoy these extra features freely and stop by the website often, for a quick look at headlines that matter to you, your industry, and where it may be heading.

Beth G. Sisk, Editor
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