PocketChart™, available in numerous medical specialty editions, is a wireless, handheld electronic medical record application that will help physicians increase productivity, reduce transcription costs, and increase revenue through improved code levels. PocketChart enables a PocketPC to synchronize with a desktop computer, allowing healthcare providers to continuously update, view, exchange, and print patient information. It is designed for use at point-of-care in a variety of clinical settings including hospitals, homes, and extended-care facilities.

The PocketChart Application lets healthcare providers track patient data, medications, and lab tests from one handheld device.
PocketChart integrates numerous functions, allowing physicians to easily and quickly download patient lists, create patient notes in a HCFA-compliant format, transmit prescriptions to pharmacies, and capture billing codes. Electronic data entry helps promote medical record accuracy. The application also features over 300 clinically tested note templates, point-and-click operation with customizable menus, synchronized appointments and billing code reports, an E&M Code Wizard that reads and codes notes, and RxFax ePrescriber that electronically transmits prescriptions to pharmacies nationwide.

Standard features include:

  • PocketChart v 3.5 software (single device license).
  • Desktop Manager, which integrates all of the PocketChart desktop configurations into one application/location such as PCView (enables PocketChart to be run via a desktop PC), Template Manager (transfers templates be tween Pocket Chart and PC), Backup Man ager (transfers back up files between Pocket Chart and PC), Print Man ager (auto matically prints all queued documents to PC’s de fault printer or physician can select specific files for printing), Desktop Tem plate Editor (customizes templates to match personal preferences), and Desktop Link Scheduler (allows staff to enter patient demographic in formation and appointments and to retrieve appropriate billing codes for prompt processing).
  • User manuals and video tutorials.
  • Synchronizing capability. Using cradle, WiFi, Bluetooth®, or infrared, patient notes and electronic prescriptions (with RxFax option) can be transmitted or printed directly from PocketChart to local or network printers. It connects wirelessly in the clinic, hospital, or on the road.

The General Surgery & Trauma/ Critical Care Edition is designed for physicians in the general surgery, trauma, and critical care fields. It includes:

  • Special general surgery, trauma, and critical care note structures for intake, daily progress notes, procedure notes, and operative reports.
  • ICD9 and CPT codes specific for general surgery, trauma, and critical care, preloaded in personal and reference code lists for quick entry.
  • Thomson Mobile PDR medication database, including drug interaction checks and more than 1,200 commonly used medications. The database auto matically updates each time PocketChart is synchronized and connected to the Internet.

PocketChart runs desktop Microsoft® Windows® PC running 98/NT/2000/XP OS, and Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC 2002-2003/HPC 2000/Win CE version 4.2-3.0x with 16 MB RAM minimum.

This technology is offered by Delphi Medical Systems. For more information, view the yet2.com TechPak at http://info.hotims.com/22916-171 .