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Medical Tubing

Qosina, Ronkonkoma, NY, offers a wide selection of in-stock and custom medical tubing for prototyping and large-scale production. Options include PVC, silicone, FEP, HDPE, or DEHP-free PVC tubing in various sizes and durometers. Available in low minimums and short lead times, tubing is provided in both cut-to-length tubes and multi-lumen configurations. Custom durometers, sizes, colors, and materials are available. Brands such as Tygon®, C-Flex®, and PharmaFluor® are available for immediate shipment.

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Coordinate Measuring Machine

A new coordinate measuring machine from Werth Messtechnik, Giessen, Germany, combines transmission tubes with up to 225 kV acceleration voltage and large, high-resolution detectors, enabling it to measure both multi-material assemblies and large-volume work-pieces at high resolution. The TomoCheck® HA (high accuracy) 200 features a granite base structure. Its high-precision mechanics and air-bearing technology help achieve a maximum permissible error of just MPE E1 = (0.5 + L / 500) μm or MPE E = (2.5 + L / 150) μm. Probing error of the x-ray sensor is minimized using a patented process. The diamond target tubes and a detector with a high pixel count help the computed tomography machine achieve resolutions in the 1/10 μm range. Additional sensors can be retrofitted for specific applications.

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Wave Springs

Smalley, Lake Zurich, IL, has expanded its wave spring series to include additional sizes. It has expanded both the C (imperial) and CM (metric) versions in its Crest-to-Crest series. Standard sizes are now available from stock down to 0.188 in. and 5 mm in diameter. The company expects the expanded spring series to open new possibilities for the medical industry, enabling designers to use the wave springs where they couldn't fit previously. Custom springs are available down to 0157 in. or 4 mm in diameter.

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Laser Diode Modules

BEA Lasers, Elk Grove Village, IL, has introduced two new low profile additions to its rugged MIL Series of laser diode modules. The new MIL RA Model features a right angle, and the new MIL Compact Model features a straight housing. Both laser modules are ideally suited for applications with limited space and tight positioning requirements. Both models utilize a low profile 3/8 in. rugged laser housing, fitted with an M12 connector, a 2-m long PVC jacketed cable, and an integrated power supply. The optional sensor-style bracket, or multi-adjustable LB bracket, completes the laser system. The new diode modules are offered with standard 515 nm (green) or standard 635 nm (red), with 1 or 5 mW output. Other outputs are available on request.

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Geared Bearings

Nexen Group, Vadnais Heights, MN, has introduced a complete geared bearings solution based on its Roller Pinion System (RPS). The new geared bearing package comes complete with a zero-backlash gear mounted and dialed in on a precision-grade high-capacity bearing. Available in a wide variety of sizes and gear ratios, the bearings are preconfigured for fit, form, and function. They are designed for easy integration into any precision rotary motion application. The company's online product selector tool makes gear selection quick and easy. To select a gear, simply adjust sliders for torque, gear OD size, accuracy, and gear ratio requirements. The tool instantly shows all options that fit. OEMs also have easy access to STEP files and specifications.

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