I am truly excited about this month’s inaugural MedInnovation conference. It’s goal is to present a roadmap for getting innovative — and by that, I mean game changing — emerging technologies to market. This intimate forum will be a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies, where leading technology companies will share how they have created paradigm-shifting products and innovative approaches to market. It’s one you don’t want to miss. To register, go to www.medinnovationevent.com  I look forward to seeing you there.

A New Way to Reach Your Customer

While we are on the subject of how innovation is changing healthcare, one system is changing the way you can educate and inform healthcare practitioners about your transformative technology developments.

VuMedi is a comprehensive video medical education network where doctors can learn and fully evaluate all treatment options in one place. Unlike content hosted by medical device manufacturers or other education sites that tend to promote only paying manufacturers, VuMedi curates content from competitive hospitals, manufacturers, and key opinion leaders. It walks doctors through the education continuum, hosting content from leading experts across all key areas.

Known as the “YouTube for Doctors,” it offers more than 15,000 videos and counting from a broad range of organizations and individuals across many specialties, including pulmonology, pediatrics, oncology, and endocrinology, to name a few.

“Historically, surgeons have had to educate and re-educate themselves on products and techniques by juggling surface-level medical news sites, reading outdated textbooks, reviewing presentations from medical conferences and the occasional CME course,” says Roman Giverts, founder and CEO of VuMedi. “After scaling our nonsurgical communities on the platform, pharmaceutical brands were intrigued and approached us about further engaging physicians. We are excited to officially open the platform up for more content creators to provide increasing value to practitioners.”

Currently, 80 percent of cardiovascular physicians and orthopedic surgeons worldwide use VuMedi to learn and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and treatments. On average, a doctor watches six videos on VuMedi for over 40 minutes every month. According to the company, top medical device companies have started creating long-form videos on the platform. “In a world where the short and sweet of social media is best practice,” the company says, “engagement statistics on VuMedi show the reverse is effective — the newest trend is an investment in engaging, valuable long-form content that isn’t even promotional.”

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to engage with this audience about your medical technology?

Sherrie Trigg

Editor and Director of Medical Content

To register for MedInnovation, go to www.medinnovationevent.com . To learn more about VuMedi, go to www.vumedi.com .