A surgical glue that can help join blood vessels and close wounds faster. (Credit: Nanyang Technological University)

Researchers have developed a new type of surgical glue that can help join blood vessels and close wounds faster and may also serve as a platform to deliver pain relief drugs. The glue can bond soft tissues, including muscle and blood vessels, even when their surfaces are wet. Named CaproGlu, it is activated by a low dose of ultraviolet (UV) light that cures it in seconds, turning it from a liquid glue into a solid but flexible biorubber — a biocompatible material that can be resorbed by the tissue after a few weeks.

The team showed in animal experiments that blood vessels can be rejoined with just four stitches and a mesh wrapper dipped in CaproGlu, compared to the usual eight stitches that are required for a reliable and unobstructed join. The CaproGlu is a one-pot liquid gel solution that comes ready-to-use. The authors estimate that this will reduce surgery time by 25 percent, as surgeons spend less time and effort stitching up blood vessels and tissues.

CaproGlu’s protein-free formulation exploits new crosslinking chemistry unaffected by gamma sterilization.

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