EOS GmbH (Krailling, Germany) has released the EOSINT M280, the updated version of the EOSINT M270, for additive layer manufacturing of metal components. The system produces metal parts on the basis of 3D CAD data in only a few hours, with no need for tools. The Direct Metal Laser-Sinter (DMLS) process builds the parts up layer by layer by melting fine metal powder with a laser beam, which enables the creation of complex geometries including free-form surfaces, deep grooves, and 3D cooling channels. The system is equipped with a solid state laser of either 200 or 400 watt. The Laser Power Monitoring (LPM) makes it possible to control this during the building process. It operates in both protective nitrogen and argon atmospheres and is able to process a range of materials, from light metals to stainless and tooling steel, to super alloys.

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