EMCO High Voltage Corporation (Sutter Creek, CA) has introduced the A Series of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters that occupy less than one-tenth of a cubic inch of volume, and an extremely low profile of 0.250 inches (6.35 mm). Controllable output voltages range from 100 volts to 6000 volts. These component-sized converters are suitable for applications requiring minimal size and weight. Turn-on voltage is less than 0.7 volts, allowing for wide output voltage operating range. Use of a resonant, quasi-sinewave oscillator and fully shielded transformer result in clean, reliable high voltage conversion with low ripple, EMI/RFI and input ripple current, making it suitable for noise-sensitive equipment. A separate high impedance control pin is standard, ideal for external error amplifier control in closed loop systems or simple on/off control. Output power is 1 watt standard, with 1.5 watts available as an option. No external components or minimum load are required. Isolation is ±500V bias on the output return. Input to output leakage current is very low at less than 100 nA and coupling capacitance is <250 pF.

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the May, 2011 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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