Optical Gaging Products (Rochester, NY) offers the SmartScope® Flash™ 500 automatic dimensional measurement system. The Flash 500’s 500×450×200 mm measurement volume is now available with a volume as large as 500 × 610 × 400 mm (20 × 24 × 16") to accommodate large parts, fixtures, and rotaries. It features an rotary mount. The optical assembly moves in the X-axis across a steel crossbeam so it is evenly supported. The part moves only in the Y-axis. All axes are DC servo driven and use high-resolution scales for positional feedback. It is equipped with AccuCentric® 12x motorized zoom lens that auto-calibrates at every magnification change. It is multisensor-ready, with available touch trigger probes for tactile measurement of hard-to-image part features, TTL, and DRS™ lasers, and the Rainbow Probe™ scanning white light sensor for non-contact surface contouring.

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This article first appeared in the March, 2011 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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