Toshiba Teli America (Irvine, CA) offers a medical imaging solution based on the ilS-BF4 SmartDragon™ FireWire-B (IEEE1394.b) processor that can connect and simultaneously receive data from up to four Toshiba Teli CSFS20CC2 FireDragon™ color cameras. The solution combines the FireDragon cameras and the SmartDragon processor with TeliDCAM software featuring viewer, driver, and SDK, allowing the user to record with or without compression, capture images, store and create customer or patient file, archive files, create presentations, and download information to servers. Readings can be compressed 50/1 or 100/1 when recording more than 24 hours. The SmartDragon processor has a built-in card slot for recording on industrial-grade CF cards of up to 4 Gb. Toshiba Teli also offers the T24MSA001-MD medical-grade (UL6061) LCD monitor with full HD (1080p) resolution for natural reproduction of video images and differentiation in such applications as diagnostic analysis, video endoscopy, and surgery.

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This article first appeared in the November, 2010 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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