altThe MSR 40 modular steel tape rotary encoder from RSF Elektronik (Tarsdorf, Austria) is now available in North America through the HEIDENHAIN Corporation (Schaumburg, IL). The encoder is suitable for measurement applications with diameters of 6 in (150 mm) to 6 ft (~2 m). The steel tape of the MSR 40 utilizes the proven Single-Field Scanning principle with 200 μm grating pitch, offering ease of mounting with high achievable angular resolution. Accuracy of the system is ±30 μm/m with an operating temperature of 0 to 50 °C. The MDR version uses a steel ring tensioning cleat for encoders mounted to a steel surface, allowing for thermal expansion, while the MER version uses a rubber gasket with a low-profile tensioning cleat for other mounting surfaces. Line counts of up to 20,000 are available.

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