ITT Interconnect Solutions (Santa Ana, CA) offers the Nemesis Series and MKJ Series breakaway connectors that incorporate a simple push/pull mating mechanism to engage and disengage the connector systems. The coupling mechanism utilizes a canted spring design, which allows for quick disconnect and ratings of more than 5,000 cycles. The system allows the connector receptacle to house individual touch pad contact areas, providing a highly effective electrical engagement point of contact. The Nemesis Series sealed, lightweight, miniature connectors are resistant to salt spray for more than 500 hours, measure less than 15mm in diameter, and have an anti-reflecting coat. Maximum current rating for the Nemesis WT connectors is 3A and voltage rating is 200VAC RMS at sea level. Minimum insulation resistance is 5000 MΩ, and maximum contact resistance is 8 mΩ. Operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to 100 °C. Life span is 2,500 cycles. The MKJ Series miniature, circular connectors are available with mounting options for crimp and PC board contacts. They feature size 23 pin-and-socket contacts that have the equivalent electrical performance of size 22 contacts. Dielectric withstanding voltage at sea level is 500VAC RMS, 60Hz. Operating temperature ranges from -55 °C to 150 °C.

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