Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (Wilmington, MA) offers 313VBM/D and 520VBM/R OEM panel mount VBM peristaltic pumps with brushless DC gearmotor drives, suitable for automated flexible batch cell culture. These pumps are designed for 24-hour operation and utilize silicone or Bioprene tubing. The 313VBM/D accepts 24V input, comes in four speeds with a maximum of 480 rpm, and achieves flows up to 2 liters/min. The flip-top pump head offers easy tube loading. The 520VBM/R2 accepts 24VDC, comes in three speeds with a maximum of 360 rpm, and achieves flows up to 5.4 liters/min. Both models use a Premotec brushless DC motor with a built-in controller for control of speed, stop/start, and direction.

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