The Model CR rod and cylinder sensor from MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division (Cary, NC), integrates a standard Model CS or CM sensor inside a rugged, thick steel mechanical package that protects the electronics from mechanical and environmental damage. It employs magnetostrictive, non-contact, absolute position sensing technology modules, and is rated to withstand shock and vibration up to 5 g. Applications include gurneys, hospital beds, wheelchair lifts, and dental chairs.

The sensor is available in 5- and 12-VDC supply options, both of which feature a pulse width modulated (PWM) output. Containing an internal, non-contact, piston-mounted magnet on a rod that extends and retracts to measure motion, the sensor package features a 1-mm-thick housing, a 12.5-mm rod, and is IP67-rated for harsh environments. It features a linearity of ±0.3 mm, repeatability of ±25 microns, and a 2.6-kHz update rate. Six standard lengths are available along the 250-mm active stroke range: 72.3 mm, 109.3 mm, 148 mm, 186.3 mm, 217.3 mm, and 250.1 mm. Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 75 °C.

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