Xenics (Leuven, Belgium) has introduced the Raven-384 uncooled microbolometer infrared camera that measures, from a safe distance in real time, differences in body temperature at an accuracy to 0.2 ºC, pinpointing suspicious fevers. The camera provides a secure and unobtrusive countermeasure to the uncontrolled spreading of respiratory diseases such as swine flu at locations such as airports, train stations, and border stations.

It captures and displays on a PC screen, linked via Ethernet connection, a high-definition infrared image of passing persons at a frame rate of 50 Hz. By putting a controlled temperature reference in the field of view, the camera eliminates the stability problem common to microbolometer cameras. The image permits accurate fever detection of both individuals and crowds. The camera can be operated on a tripod or installed for permanent use. It is recommended that body temperature be checked at the corner of an individual’s eye, where the temperature approaches the core body temperature. Examination takes a fraction of a second.

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