The Shape-HF™ system from Shape Medical Systems (St. Paul, MN) provides measurable patient response during exercise that mimics the patient’s normal daily activity level. It measures changes in breathing efficiency as cardiac resynchronization therapy settings are adjusted, allowing doctors to assess the physiological effect of therapy in real time while the patient is exercising. The system measures heart and lung coupling breathing efficiency, and the efficiency of oxygen transport and use.

The system comes with a laptop computer and associated components, software for data acquisition and analysis, a proprietary gas analyzer system, and a pulse oximeter. A disposable patient interface and sensor coupling has been designed for the system. A color printer, cart, and stair-step exerciser are available as options. An automatic, realtime calibration feature eliminates the need for separate calibration. Patient data and acquired test results are stored in a database that can be retrieved and reviewed at any time. The system is operated by mouse clicks on icons shown on the computer screen. Test results are displayed as graphs that are summarized in a final report.

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