Enclosed Power Supply

The TAAM700

TT Electronics, Woking, UK, has launched a 700-W medical-grade enclosed power supply. With a small 6.7 × 3.66 in. footprint, the TAAM700 provides 17.8 W per cubic inch and a wide operating temperature range from –30° to +70 °C for thermally challenged environments. Coupled with its compact size, its power density is ideal for space-constrained healthcare and industrial equipment, such as laser devices and robotics. It includes a remote ON/OFF function and features BF rated outputs. Optional built-in current share (configurable to 1.26 kW) is available. The output voltage can be adjusted by using the built-in potentiometer.

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2MOPP Power Supply

The PJMA300F

COSEL, San Jose, CA, has added a 300-W version to its PJMA series. The PJMA300F has a universal input range of 85–264 VAC and comply with international safety standards. Designed for demanding medical applications, the PJMA series is suitable for body floating (BF) applications and complies with 2MOPP (IN/OUT) and 1MOPP (OUT/FG) safety requirement. Based on a robust platform, the unit’s design has been optimized for medical applications requiring a high-quality power solution. The series is available in four output voltages of 12, 24, 36, and 48 VDC.

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960 W Power Supply

A new family of TXLN power supplies

A new family of encased power supplies designed for a wide range of cost-critical applications is available from Traco Power, San Jose, CA. The series has 12 power platforms ranging 18–960 W. The TXLN power supplies can be easily and safely installed into any equipment. With a low-profile, six-sided metal case and screw terminal block connections. All models feature a Universal AC Input range of 88~264 VAC; a minimum operating temperature range of –20° to 70 °C; ±10 percent V out adjustment (single output models); short-circuit protection; overcurrent protection; overvoltage protection; and LED status indicators. All models include an internal filter to meet EN 55032 level B for conducted and radiated emissions.

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AC-DC Power Supply

The 700W power supply from Polytron

Polytron Devices, Dover, NJ, offers a series of AC-DC power supplies designed for medical applications. A 700 W series of 12, 15, 24, 28, and 48 V power supplies features an ultracompact compact size of 6.7 × 3.66 × 1.61 in. (170.2 × 93.0 × 41.0 mm) in a fully enclosed plastic case. It is also designed with a remote on/off function for optimal safety. The unit is credited with high efficiency to 92 percent and a 5 V@1 A standby. Built-in safeguards include short circuit, overload, and overvoltage protection; vibration and shock levels are IEC 60068 compliant.

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