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THine Solutions, Santa Clara, CA, has introduced a standalone image signal processor (ISP) to support video streaming resolutions up to 4K 30 fps in YUV format. The THP7312-P is designed for high-resolution applications like medical scopes and surgical microscopes. It includes a RAW8 output option, which is required to interface and collaborate with the ISP block of large-scale SoCs. The 32-bit RISC-based, hard-wired ISP CPU in the ICs achieves high performance, including <1 ms low latency and <0.5 W power efficiency.

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Smart Textiles

A variety of smart textile products that incorporate electronics or other actuation mechanisms into traditional fiber technology are available from Bally Ribbon Mills, Bally, PA. Working with developers or fabricators making products for OEMs, the company is using its proprietary E-WEBBINGS® e-textile product base as the foundation layer to which electronic intercommunicative technology is integrated directly. One new application focuses on adding antimicrobial yarns and antimicrobial finishes to kill bacteria and viruses, speeding up product cleanup time.

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Thermoplastic Elastomers

Avient, Cleveland, OH, has added of three proprietary, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) formulations that contain antimicrobial additives to its GLS™ TPE portfolio. Tested in accordance with JIS Z2801 and ASTM G21-15 standards, the Versaflex™ and OnFlex™ additives protect molded plastic parts by inhibiting bacterial growth (99.9 percent or more) and resisting fungal and mold growth. Additional benefits include preserved surface integrity, increased durability, and minimized odors for a better consumer experience.

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Digital Servo

Two mini-sized drives from Advanced Motion Controls, Camarillo, CA, are capable of outputting 50 A continuous current and 100 A peak, double the peak current rating of previous models. The FE100-50-CM and the FE100-50-EM FlexPro® digital servo drives have an increased input voltage range of 20-–90 VDC, allowing them to run in higher power applications. Designed with compact form and power density in mind, the mini-sized drives are designed to outperform larger-sized digital servo drives. The drives support CANopen and EtherCAT communication, respectively.

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Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers from Laird Thermal Systems, Morrisville, NC, provide high reliability for demanding thermal cycling applications such as point-of-care PCR testing. The PowerCycling PCX series is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of thermal cycles, providing improved performance and long-life operation in PCR testing applications. It offers a robust construction with a flexible thermally conductive soft layer to reduce mechanical stresses in thermal cycling applications. The series extends the mean time between failure (MTBF) of point-of-care equipment and offers high heat pumping capacities from 13 to 215 W in footprints as small as 15 × 15 mm.

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OLED Displays

Review Display Systems Inc., Milwaukee, WI, offers high-performance, medium-size OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays from Japan-based display supplier JOLED. The printed OLED display technology provides exceptionally thin and lightweight display panels, enhanced colors, wide viewing angles, up to 4K (3840 × 2160 pixel) resolution, and nearly infinite contrast ratios. Three medium sized OLED panels currently available include 22, 27, and 32 in., all featuring 4K resolution and an embedded DisplayPort (eDP) data interface.

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Machining Center

GROB Systems, Bluffton, OH, has launched a five-axis universal machining center for milling large parts. The G750 provides high productivity, optimized availability, and significant flexibility. It offers a compact design that features optimized access. The machining center includes a horizontal spindle position that permits the longest possible Z-travel path and optimum chip fall. The arrangement of the three linear axes offers maximum stability by minimizing the distance between the guides and the machining point. Its tunnel concept allows the largest possible component to be swiveled and machined within the work area without collision.

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