EMI Filter

A two-stage AC/DC EMI filter series from Schaffner USA, Edison, NJ, features excellent attenuation, easy and fast chassis mounting, and multiple options for safety and enhanced performance. The FN 2090 filters are designed for noisy applications — including medical — that require high-performance. Rated currents range from 1 to 30 A. Optional medical versions (B type) and safety versions (A type) are available, as well as optional overvoltage protection (Z type). FN 2090 A types provide low capacitance to earth for safety-critical applications with a requirement for low leakage currents.

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Medical Components Catalog

Qosina, Ronkonkoma, NY, has released the latest edition of its full-line product catalog, available in both print and digital formats. The 2022 product catalog features thousands of in-stock components depicted in full-scale photos on a one-centimeter grid to help design engineers visualize their next-generation medical device. In addition, the company has added more than 1,000 components to support the expansion of the company’s portfolio into bioprocess single-use systems. Services range from drawing board, prototype, and regulatory filings to full-scale production.

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Plastic Optic Fiber

Toray, New York, NY, has improved the bend resilience of its plastic optic fiber. The Raytela® plastic optic fiber has been extensively tested in a tightly controlled, 77 °F environment deploying a 2-point bending test comprised of 10-mm-diameter stainless-steel rods and 175-g weighted pulls on both ends of the fiber. Using a 1-m sample length fiber, the automated testing machine conducted a series of repetitive bending tests of full 180° bends. The test series of numerous cables resulted in a measured average of 34,500 bends before breakage, a significant accomplishment and a durability feature ideal for endoscopy illumination and ophthalmic lighting equipment.

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Power Modules

TT Electronics, Woking, UK, has launched compact AC-DC encapsulated power modules. The PAA and PAAM series is ideal for space-constrained medical electronic equipment applications. Available in power ratings ranging from 5 to 150 W, the PAA modules are PCB mountable in a compact footprint starting at 1.1 × 1.5 in. (8.05 W/in³). A 4 kVac input-to-output isolation provides safety when interfacing with downstream SELV networks. The modules provide conversion efficiencies of up to 89 percent and are free air convection cooled to improve end system reliability and reduce energy waste. PAAM encapsulated power modules are available in power ratings from 15 to 150 W.

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Linear Actuator

Electric cylinders from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, now include a 1-in. (25.4 mm) stroke actuator in its compact 0.750-in. (19.1 mm) diameter series of linear actuators. The SDLM-019-095-01-01 actuator features a continuous force of 6.8 oz (1.9 N) and a peak force of 21.6 oz (6.0 N). A precision linear optical quadrature encoder is integrated and protected inside the actuator housing. It is directly connected to the non-rotating shaft to eliminate backlash for highest possible stability in a servo loop. It can operate at peak efficiency by monitoring the inside temperature from an internal temperature sensor, resulting in greater throughputs.

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PEEK for Prosthesis Systems

Evonik, Darmstadt, Germany, offers a high-performance polymer for complex joint prosthesis systems. The company is working with medical specialists at the Center for Knee and Hip Replacement at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, to explore the application for VESTAKEEP® PEEK. If the innovation succeeds, the service life of VESTAKEEP-based joint prostheses could be significantly extended, consequently reducing revision surgery or years of pain therapy. The company is analyzing the weak points of the joint prosthesis systems already established on the market and developing a solution with the high-performance PEEK polymer.

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Linear Actuators

Haydon Kerk Pittman, Waterbury, CT, has launched a configurable linear actuator with a compact low profile. The MiniSlide series has two motor options: a 21-mm, size 8 hybrid linear actuator, and a 20-mm, 19000 series can stack linear actuator. Nine different lead screw options range from ~0.3 to 8 mm, providing resolution down to 0.001524 mm (0.00006 in.) per step, axial forces up to 45 N, and accommodating stroke lengths of up to 150 mm. It is available in four different lubrications. A rotary encoder feedback is optional. Both English and metric mounting hardware standards are offered.

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic

A new line of silicon nitride-based ceramic products for medical applications is available from SINTX Technologies, Salt Lake City, UT. The branding of FleX SNTM reflects the company’s evolution from producing monolithic spinal implants to a wider array of silicon nitride-based technologies for use in biomedical and antipathogenic applications, such as wound care and dressings, spinal and dental implants, and consumer face masks. Other applications include particulate silicon nitride, polymer composites, and coatings on other materials.

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