Inline Valve

Watson-Marlow, Wilmington, MA, has developed a series of inline valves to minimize risk of contamination. With the ASEPCO valves, changing a diaphragm takes seconds, with no need for special tools or training. A simple Tri-Clamp® assembly makes inspection fast and easy. Every surface material that touches the process fluid complies with many global industry standards. The consistent, effective radial diaphragm eliminates entrapment for easy cleaning. The valve features a 180° install angle with drainability in multiple orientations.

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Robotic Dispensing System

Dispense Works, McHenry, IL, has released a fully programmable robotic dispensing system that automates vial and bottle filling. The Ring Dex robot is ideal for small bottles, vials, and tubes, including pharmaceutical vial filling and stoppering. The system requires no PC for operation and provides all preprogrammed software functions for filling, capping, assembly, positioning, etc. Hundreds of files may be stored on the machine for quick changeover. Functions are fully programmable for capping torque, nozzle stroke, weight, fill volume etc. An onboard history file logs production data including file name, date and time stamp, quantity, cycle times, etc., for each run.

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Miniature Valve

A new valve for high-density small footprint manifolds or for single-valve duty is available from Festo, Islandia, NY. The miniature VOVK valve is ideal for in vitro diagnostics, point-of-care devices, and more. At 6 mm wide, the valve delivers a wide pressure range, including vacuum, fast switching time, and low power consumption. The valves can actuate multiple diaphragms on a lab-on-a-chip cartridge that contains the analysis process and reagents. The valves can control the flow of liquid in dialysis machines and can serve in pilot valve applications.

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Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve from The Lee Co., Westbrook, CT, features high flow capacity, low leakage, and ultra-low power consumption in a miniature, 10-mm package. Designed using innovative manufacturing techniques, the three-port LGV genvi® solenoid valve a provides a flow capability up to 40 LPM at 15 psid, and power as low as 318 mW. An extremely tight leakage rating reduces compressor demand and provides consistent long-term operation across an extensive cycle life. Other features include low leakage: 25 μLPM (max) and a response time of <10 ms.

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