Fume Hoods

A chemical-resistant, flame-retardant, lightweight composite resin fume hood is available from HEMCO, Independence, MO. The non-metallic fume hood has an interior fume chamber that is seamless and molded in one piece with coved corners, and a slotted VaraFlow baffle system for airflow uniformity. It measures 54 in. high with an extended front post to accommodate additional service fixtures and electrical services.

Available in 48, 60, 72, and 96 in. models with a 30 in. depth, the hood is equipped with a vapor proof two-tube T-5 fluorescent light fixture, light switch, and counterbalanced vertical sliding safety tempered glass sash.

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Solid-State Relay

Littelfuse, Chicago, IL, has released an 800 V normally open single-pole 6-pin solid-state relay (SSR). The PLA172P OptoMOS® relay comes with guaranteed electrical parameters at 105 °C ambient operating temperature. The relay is designed to replace electromechanical relays that are bulky and prone to failing drop tests. It offers unique device pinout that provide more than 6.8 mm of pad-to-pad separation between the high voltage output pins, preventing arcing. Also included is 5000 VRMS input-to-output isolation, and a 5 mA low input control current over operating temperature range.

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Renesas, Tokyo, Japan, has expanded its general-purpose 64-bit microprocessors (MPUs) to deliver improved AI processing for a wide range of applications. The expanded product lineup includes three new entry-level MPU models built around the latest Arm® Cortex®-A55 core: The RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, and RZ/G2UL. Together with the existing mid- to high-end RZ/G2E, RZ/G2N, RZ/G2M, and RZ/G2H MPUs, the total of seven RZ/G2 MPUs provide scalability. The MPUs are built around the Cortex-A55 CPU core, which delivers approximately 20 percent improved processing performance compared with the previous Cortex-A53 core and provides approximately six times faster in essential processing for AI applications. In addition, the MPUs integrate camera input interfaces, a 3D graphics engine, and a video codec.

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LED Driver-Controller

Innovations in Optics, Woburn, MA, has introduced a switched-mode LED driver/controller for powering its high-power LED light engines. The Model 5000H can also be used with third-party LED illuminators as a constant current, DC to DC driver/controller. The driver provides constant current in continuous or pulsed mode for LED arrays connected in parallel, single, large format LED chips and laser diodes with a compliance voltage up to 7.0 VDC. The series is a digital LED driver/controller that provides high DC current up to 40A continuous and 50A pulsed. It uses Modbus RS-485 serial protocol to support remote or automated operation. Additional I/O includes analog intensity control and PWM 24 VDC output for cooling fans mounted to an LED illuminator with thermistor-controlled closed-loop temperature regulation.

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Bluetooth Modules

Fujitsu, Sunnyvale, CA, has released wireless radio modules compatible with both Bluetooth Low Energy and legacy Bluetooth Classic BR/EDR. The fully integrated FWM7BTZ61 series is powered by Cypress Semiconductor’s CYW20819 SoC and features Bluetooth Low Energy profile and Bluetooth Classic power class 2 capabilities in a single module. It also supports Bluetooth Ver. 5.0’s signature X2 communication. The symbol rate and data rate accommodate both 1 Mbps and improved 2 Mbps to facilitate communication speed with other BLE devices. Classic mode supports 1 Mbps (BR: basic rate) and 2 and 3 Mbps (EDR) communication.

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Brushless DC Motor

A mini brushless DC motor platform is available from Portescap, West Chester, PA. The Ultra EC™ 16 ECP brushless motors with a new integrated driver are available in two lengths (36 and 52 mm). The integration of the driver inside the motor reduces many of the complexities associated with the operation of the motor, cuts down the installation time, lowers overall application footprint, minimizes the clutter of wirings, and offers cost optimization benefits. The motors are suitable for applications such as respiratory and ventilation devices, miniature pumps, and medical hand tools.

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Embedded Antennas

AVX, Fountain Inn, SC, has released a series of embedded Wi-Fi antennas with ultraminiature form factors, PCB, or FPC antenna technologies. The W series is capable of supporting single- and dual-band operating frequencies up to 6 GHz, performance-enhancing foam coatings, and various mounting options. Options include support for 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz frequency bands, integrated foam coatings on component backsides to minimize antenna detuning on various surfaces, several different mounting adhesives to ensure material compatibility and enable maximum placement flexibility, and various cable lengths, diameters, colors, and connectors.

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