CAD/CAM Software

OPEN MIND Technologies, Needham, MA, has introduced its latest CAD/CAM software suite, which offers users new and enhanced features for efficient 3D and 5-axis machining, such as the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced option and more. New features in hyperMILL® 2020.2 include the addition of plunge-milling cycles to the 3D and 5-axis strategies for machining cutting edges. Material is removed by plunging movements to reduce vibration and improve surface finish, especially helpful for machining edges with steep walls. When 5-axis machining, undercut areas can also be reached by specifying the lateral inclination on the tilted tool.

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PCB Edge Connectors

A series of SMT printed circuit board connectors designed to transmit signals or power across PCBs is available from Keystone Electronics Corp., New Hyde Park, NY.

Quickly and easily set up, the new SMT connectors have a horizontal orientation making them suitable as parallel board-to-board or board-to-component alternative options for power or signal transferring.

The connectors are designed to provide ideal low-profile circuit linkage and minimal footprint for high-density, high-current PCB packages on power and aluminum backplanes.

All PCB soldering applications, including reflow, may be utilized.

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Tapes and Elastics

Bally Ribbon Mills, Bally, PA, offers a line of narrow woven structural tapes and elastics, as well as safety webbing suitable for facemasks, face shields, gowns, other personal protective equipment (PPE), and medical patient soft goods, as well as patient slings, wheelchair harnesses, braces, and respiratory equipment.

Medical products are manufactured in a certified clean-room to ensure cleanliness and quality while maintaining the rigorous ISO 13485:2016 certification for the design and manufacture.

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Optical Adhesive

A clear epoxy designed for bonding metals, ceramic, glass, and engineered plastics is available from EpoxySet, Woonsocket, RI. The EPOXIBOND™ EB-107LP-2 is a low-viscosity, two-part epoxy that has been certified to USP Class VI for biocompatibility. The excellent dielectric properties allow for use in circuits and underfills and as a small-component potting compound offering electrical protection. The system is used as an optical adhesive for bonding prisms, lenses, and fiber optics. It can be used in optical pathways because of its excellent transmission rates from 400 to 2500 nm.

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Digital Depth Gages

Mahr, Providence, RI, has expanded its line of digital depth gages. The pocket-sized 30 EWRi is designed to be easy to take along for fast depth measurements, and the new universal depth gage 30 EWR-U/40 EWRi-U includes interchangeable anvils. The 30 EWRi is a compact depth gage with a 0.06 in. (1.5 mm) contact and 1 in. (25 mm) gaging range with integrated wireless data transmission. Both gages incorporate interchangeable anvils to multiply the measurement capabilities of the gage. A 30 Ud twin hook anvil is standard for measuring basic widths and distances.

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CMOS Cameras

Four new high-quality CMOS cameras for digital imaging in light microscopy are available from Zeiss, Chicago, IL.

The new microscope cameras Axiocam 705 color and 712 color deliver high image quality for histology, pathology, or material research and analysis, thanks to excellent color rendition and greatly improved dynamic range.

Small 3.45 μm pixels and low noise levels in combination with the fast USB 3.0 platform enable users to carry out extremely fast imaging experiments while maintaining excellent signal quality.

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Testing Software

Volume Graphics, Charlotte, NC, has extended data export from its non-destructive testing and analysis software based on industrial computed tomography (CT) to the statistics software Q-DAS qs-STAT. This enables statistical evaluations to be fully integrated into a CT scan data analysis workflow. 3D representations of components or measured features can be exported to Q-DAS software. The user simply marks the relevant box in the export mask. The software then adds the corresponding part image to the data to be exported.

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Indexing Plunger

JW Winco, New Berlin, WI, has expanded its hygienic design product family with a new indexing plunger. The GN 8170 stainless steel indexing plungers are intended for use in areas requiring sanitary equipment. They are available in lock-out or non-lock-out types with a sealing lock nut that creates a totally hygienic version or without a sealing lock nut. They are designed to keep the application secured in place while the high surface quality finish prevents dirt from adhering. The smooth surface makes them easy to clean.

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Connectors for Wearables

Fischer Connectors, Alpharetta, GA, has expanded its line of wearable connectivity solutions to integrate into flexible structures. The rugged sewing junction of the new Fischer Freedom™ Quick Detach System allows designers to easily convert flexible material into a potential panel. The system’s adapter and retaining ring facilitate the quick fit and interchange of receptacles. With a metal housing, four signal and power contact tracks, IP68 sealing, and EMI shielding, the cabled receptacle easily integrates into garments or mounts on panels. It is quick to fit and remove.

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Nickel Strip for Batteries

AMETEK Specialty Metals, Wallingford, CT, offers a precision nickel strip that is engineered for critical battery connector applications in the medical and other markets. The company uses wrought powder metallurgy to custom-make the strip, achieving a 99.98 percent purity, which delivers 15–20 percent higher conductivity than traditional cast strip materials and therefore provides greater power transmission in batteries. Power is carried to the battery via a smaller, thinner strip, which saves costs without compromising on performance, according to the company.

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Copolymer Resins

A new semi-crystalline copolymer resin is available from SABIC, Houston, TX. The LNP™ ELCRES™ CRX copolymer resins are designed to offer exceptional chemical resistance to aggressive healthcare disinfectants and can help prevent premature failure from environmental stress cracking (ESC) in medical equipment housings and devices. The new grade is the fourth product in the LNP ELCRES CRX portfolio. The copolymer resists stress cracking and mitigates crack propagation. It features UL V0 performance at 1.5 mm, good ductility, and the portfolio’s highest level of chemical resistance against leading hospital disinfectants.

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Healthcare Formulations

Avient, Cleveland, OH, has added two new patent-pending healthcare formulations that feature improved chemical resistance to hospital-grade disinfectants over other flame-resistant (FR) polymers such as PC/ABS, PC/PET, and copolyester. Trilliant HC8910 and HC8920 healthcare grades were developed in response to current intense disinfecting protocols. Using a method adapted from ASTM D543 for environmental stress cracking resistance, results versus alternative FR materials demonstrate superior prevention of cracks and crazing after exposure to healthcare disinfectants. The BPA-free materials are available in standard or custom colors. The HC8920 grades are formulated to meet certification to UL94 5VA at 3.0 mm, V-0 at 1.5 mm, V-1 at 0.75 mm.

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Embedded Systems

Congatec, San Diego, CA, has expanded its embedded and edge computing solution platform offering to include the new market of rugged fog computer technologies. Rugged fog computers reside in the network computing and communication pyramid above the edge device layer and often execute artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) solutions. Typical applications range from Industry 4.0 and IIoT computing with predictive AI, to video analytics with a mesh of fog nodes to facilitate intelligent video processing by enabling anomaly detection, real-time tracking, and data insights.

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