Auto-Injector Test Fixture

Designed to help meet the testing demands of the fast-growing injectable drug-delivery device market, an auto-injector test fixture is now available from Instron, Norwood, MA.

The fixture works with the 6800 series universal testing systems. Using Bluehill® Universal software, the system can measure the safety cap removal force, syringe activation force and displacement, total injection time, injection mass, and lock-out force of the needle shield in a single test method. A modular design makes it easy to integrate additional equipment such as an optical micrometer to measure needle length during injection, an audio sensor to capture an audible button click, a device for last drop blow off, and more.

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Pressure Transmitter

CAS Dataloggers, Chesterland, OH, has released an ultra-low differential pressure transmitter. Designed for measuring very small differential pressures in neutral and non-corrosive gases found in clean rooms, labs, sterile and industrial environments, the Novus Automation NP785 can operate bidirectionally, providing the ability to measure differential pressure ranges both negative like those for found in a fume hood and positive pressure such as in an operating room. The device has a linear output and a measuring range configurable via USB (by using the configuration software). The analog output proportional to pressure and can be configured for either 0–10 V or 4–20 mA output.

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Proton Beam Verification Tool

A proton beam range verification tool is available from Logo Systems International, Scotts Valley, CA, that allows direct visualization of the proton beam path using a transparent block of scintillator. The Ranger-300 enables up to 30 cm of the beam path to be visualized, giving a detailed view at the Bragg peak along with proximal and distal locations of interest. The verification tool has a continuous optical view of the beam with no discontinuities. In addition, the scintillator is close to tissue equivalence and has no electrodes or other metallic components that may distort measurements.

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Laser Scanner

Exact Metrology, Brookfield, WI, has released a laser scanner for high-speed and accuracy scanning. The Hexagon RS6 scans up to 1.2 million points/sec with a scan rate of 300 Hz. It has a wider laser stripe of 150 mm at mid-range and a visual guide that provides real time feedback for stand-off distance. SHINE technology (Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination) allows users to scan 99 percent of parts without touching the scanner exposure. With repeatable mounting (using the Absolute Arm 7 Axis), the scanner can be removed if necessary and replaced without need for calibration. The laser scanner is certified ISO 10360 8 on all 7 axis RA8 Absolute Arms.

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Shock Test System

B&W Engineering Corp., Costa Mesa, CA, has released a mechanical shock test system designed to produce high-impact shocks associated with dropping a device. The BW-MST-E500 offers precision control of the shock amplitude provided by the PC-based controller that utilizes a high-performance multifunction analog, digital, and timing input/output, and data acquisition board with custom software running in a Windows environment. The system develops the kinetic energy electromagnetically, allowing for an exponential acceleration causing the high-impact shock.

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Digital Micrometer

Electronic digital micrometers from L.S. Starrett, Athol, MA, offer improved ergonomics, functionality, and productivity. The electronic micrometers range from the No. 733.1 outside micrometers to a wide array of application-specific models. To withstand the harshest shop elements including coolant, water, chips, dust, and dirt while retaining tool integrity, the micrometers include IP67 level protection on sizes 0–4 in. (0–100 mm) and on various application-specific models. An ergonomic, insulated frame design on the No. 733.1 0-1 in. outside micrometer is designed for comfort and ease of use, providing an optimal user measuring experience.

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