Electromechanical Actuator

Thomson Industries, Radford, VA, has launched a compact electromechanical actuator that retains all of the intelligence built into its larger counterparts. Factory automation applications can benefit from the compact Electrak® MD actuator with up to 2 kN of force, advanced onboard electronics, andJ1939 CAN Bus support. Onboard intelligence enhances overall performance and eliminates space consumption by keeping any external equipment like encoders and switches within the actuator housing. It features feedback on position, J1939 CAN bus communication, low-current switching (PLC compatibility), and end-of-stroke indication output.

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Renesas, Tokyo, Japan, has released a series of microprocessors (MPUs) that feature a dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP-AI), the company’s vision-optimized artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator. The first product in the RZ/V series, the RZ/V2M, is designed to deliver a combination of real-time AI inference and excellent power efficiency in embedded devices. The RZ/V2M realizes power consumption as low as 4W (typical), which eliminates the need for heat sinks and cooling fans, greatly simplifying heat dissipation measures. The MPU features an imaging signal processor (ISP) capable of processing high-resolution 4K pixels at 30 frames per second.

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Sleep Tracking Sensor

A sleep tracking sensor from TE Connectivity, Anaheim, CA, monitors vital signs including respiratory rate, heart rate, and other parameters like body motion and bed exit. It requires no external power or bias voltage and enables continuous monitoring without disturbing the user. The sensor is manufactured with PVDF film, and when placed onto a mattress, it monitors vital signs and provides comprehensive sleep data for more precise sleep quality analysis. The noncontact sleep sensor can be combined with a bedside sleep monitor, smartphone, and Web-based app to help track and better understand sleep patterns and create personalized feedback and suggestions to help improve sleep.

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Display Mount

Southco, Concordville, PA, has extended its line of positioning technology solutions with an entry-level display arm that offers a robust, configurable display mounting solution. The AV B30 adjustable arm (B Series) offers a simplified mounting solution for static applications where displays only need to be moved into a single stationary position, or where frequent repositioning is not required. The adjustable arm allows end users to manually adjust the height and orientation of monitors and screens. Constructed of engineered aluminum castings for optimum performance, the display mount includes integrated wire management covers and minimal joints for easy cleaning.

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Stepper Motor

Single-axis linear stepper motors from H2W Technologies, Santa Clarita, CA, are ideal for high-speed open loop positioning applications.

The motors can perform at speeds of up to 80 in./sec (2 m/sec) and strokes of up to 68 in. (1.7 m). Linear stepper motors are capable of very precise position, velocity, and acceleration control when coupled with a micro-stepping drive and indexer.

The moving assembly is supported by magnetically preloaded air bearings that are embedded in the active surface of the forcer.

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Temperature Sensors

A new line of miniature bearing embedment temperature sensors is available from Minco, Minneapolis, MN. The S7 and TC7 sensors commonly monitor the metal temperature of bearings in rotating equipment — the most reliable indicator of bearing condition — to give early warning of oil film breakdown before costly failures occur. Moreover, the sensor leads can be configured with either stainless steel feedthrough tubes or elastomer filled cables to block oil from wicking out of the machine housing along the lead wires.

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Mandrels and Fine Wire

Applied Plastics, Norwood, MA, offers PTFE coated mandrels and fine wire to the advanced catheter market. The company is adding international shipping capability to its online store to enable international customers to procure and receive PTFE coated mandrels faster. The online store features in stock, PTFE Natural® coated stainless steel mandrels and wires with diameters ranging from 0.007 to 0.070 in. Product ships within 24 hours of order and includes a certificate of compliance.

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Miniature AC Servomotors

Nippon Pulse, Radford, VA, has introduced a new series of high-performance micro direct-drive (MDD) AC servomotors. Each MDD motor comes with a built-in high-performance encoder (either absolute or incremental) that enables direct fine positioning. The compact motors can bear large loads through a robust bearing arrangement and can deliver increased torque due to their high-energy magnets and power-dense winding technology. The cleanroom-ready motors also feature a ripple-reducing design. The motors are available in frame sizes as small as 13 mm and as large as 70 mm and can support hollow shaft structures.

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Medical Displays

TRU-Vu Monitors, Arlington Heights, IL, has introduced a new 21.5 in medical display.The new MMZB-21.5G-X medical display features 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution. The display certified to the latest UL and IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition regulations. It offers a variety of digital video inputs (HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort), as well as a touch screen option. The monitor has a zero-bezel enclosure design, and the four corners of the display are rounded. A single sheet of glass covers the entire front of the display to maximizes safety and hygiene. The front face is rated IP 65 splash proof.

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Antibacterial Wrench

Technology Services Inc., Glencoe, MO, has released a new version of its multifunctional wrench. The spark-free, antibacterial universal wrench is designed to make handling cylinders easier and safer. Applications include opening or closing cylinder caps, tightening or releasing regulator valve CGA fittings, opening and closing cylinder valve wheels, and opening or closing cylinders for welding gases. One end features a ratchet disk with pins. Its unidirectional operation prevents any excessive torque when used for closing a cylinder. The other end of the wrench has two unique crevices, designed specifically for Type E home healthcare cylinders and Type MC welding cylinders.

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Fanless Power Supplies

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., Fort Collins, CO, has released a fanless power supply series that eliminates acoustic noise and vibration for medical applications. The Excelsys CS1000 delivers up to 1000 W with no fans. The convection cooled power supplies provide conversion efficiencies of up to 94 percent, as well as a 24 W bias supply voltage of 5 or 12 V. They are available with 24- or 48-V single outputs and operate off universal AC input voltage of 90 to 264 VAC.

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Power Supply

A new series of 2 × 3 in. footprint open frame AC/DC power supplies is available from TRACO Power Supplies, San Jose, CA. The TPI 125 provides 125 W of power in a compact package and consists of five single output models providing 12/15/24/36/48 VDC (adjustable –20/+10 percent). The series complies with the ErP directive (< 0.3 W no load power consumption) and Class B EMC limits. Industrial-grade components and advanced thermal management techniques give the power supply a high reliability (790 k hours per MIL-HDBK-217F) and make it an ideal solution for demanding, space-critical applications.

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IoT Software

Thirdwayv, Irvine, CA, has added a new solution to its family of connectivity and security-by-design building blocks for deploying mission-critical commercial and enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The SeamlessConnect solution ensures that IoT devices can continuously send and receive data from the cloud. Designed to improve connectivity of an IoT system, it can be implemented either through a software development kit for creating an app or through a reference design for developing gateway hardware. Both implementations can be deployed together or on a standalone basis.

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