EMI Shielding Materials

Specialty Silicone Products (SSP), Ballston Spa, NY, offers replacements for Gore’s discontinued line of EMI shielding materials. SSP-502-40-V0/V1 is a 40-durometer EMI silicone filled with nickel-coated graphite particles, which provides UL-94 V1 flame resistance (UL-94 V0 is pending). The SSP shielding silicone is recommended as a replacement material for GORE® GS 2100, a carbon-filled cellular PTFE with a 45-durometer hardness that meets UL-94-V0. SSP-502-60-V0 is a 60-durometer EMI silicone filled with nickel-coated graphite particles. It provides UL-94 V0 flame resistance and is recommended as a replacement for GORE® GS2100, a nickel-filled cellular PTFE with a 60-durometer hardness that meets UL-94 V-0.

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Static Check-Up Program

Simco-Ion, Hatfield, PA, has launched a new Static Check-Up program. This program allows customers the chance to have a static expert analyze production lines and offer recommendations for static control solutions or improvements. Static can slow production speeds, decrease the quality of product, and pose a significant risk to employees. These factors can further increase production costs, the number of product returns, and also OSHA reportables due to employee injury. The program identifies areas generating static charge, measures the amount of static charge being generated, as well as the performance of existing systems, and then provides recommendations to improve on performance and safety.

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Additive Manufacturing Software

DP Technology, Camarillo, CA, has released a new software specifically designed for the powder bed fusion market. Called ESPRIT Additive for Powder Bed, the program comes as an add-in application for SolidWorks®. One feature of the new software is the company’s patented Part-to-Build™, which when preparing a part for manufacturing, automatically assigns exposure strategies based on simple inputs from the user. Once the part is ready to slice, it can be imported to the job environment as many times as needed.

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UV Sterilization

A high-efficiency chamber designed to safely decontaminate contents is available from Air Science, Fort Myers, FL. High-intensity UV lamps are positioned within the UV-Box cabinet producing short wave ultraviolet light at 254 nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving evidence free of contamination prior to other forensic tests, analysis or procedures. Corners and walls are smooth to ensure easy cleaning. Stainless steel surfaces naturally reflect UV radiation to ensure that contents are fully irradiated from all directions.

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Opto Diode Corp., Camarillo, CA, has introduced an ultraviolet-enhanced photodiode with a 5 mm2 circular active area. The UVG5S is ideal for detection between 225 and 400 nm and features less than 2 percent response degradation after exposure to 7000J/cm2 at 254 nm. With 100 percent internal quantum efficiency from 200 to 365 nm, the device is ideal for laser power monitoring tasks and other high-energy detection applications. The photodiode is packaged with a welded cap that includes a UV glass window. Electro-optical characteristics include responsivity at 0.09 A/W (minimum) to 0.115 A/W (typical) and dark current of 1 nA.

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Custom Colors

Techmer PM and BASF have launched custom colors with USP Class V or VI and ISO 10993 compliance for BASF’s Ultrason® S, P, and E (PSU, PPSU, and PESU) polyarylsulfone grades. Ultrason polyarylsulfone grades are thermoplastics used to make medical devices such as sterilization trays, research cages, diagnostic equipment, orthopedic sizing, and others. These colored grades provide consistently high quality and excellent mechanical, chemical, and high-temperature performance. Small-volume custom colors of Ultrason S, P, and E grades are available.

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Additive Manufacturing

Nanofabrica, Tel Aviv, Israel, has developed a process that enables the printing of a mold that lasted 20 shots, with plans to increase this to 1000 shots in the coming months. The company says it can achieve ultra-precise 1 μm resolution and an excellent surface finish on its Terra 250 AM platform. In its recent experiments, it succeeded in injecting PP, PE, and ABS into a 3D printed mold, which was manufactured with a new material that the company is currently developing. In the initial experiments, the molds lasted for 20 shots with a molding pressure of 400 bar at 230 °C. It took one hour to additively manufacture one mold. The materials were injected using an Arburg 35-ton machine.

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Medical Polymer Compounds

Clariant Plastics & Coatings Healthcare Polymer Solutions, Muttenz, Switzerland, has completed development and testing of new polymer materials specially formulated to resist degradation caused by exposure to high humidity and temperature. The MEVOPUR compounds are expected to be especially useful in applications like medical catheters. Accelerated aging tests conducted on both extruded tubing and injection-molded test samples show significant improvement in resistance compared to unmodified materials. One of the early indications of chain breakage (scission) is an increased melt flow index (MFI), or reduction in viscosity, as the chains become shorter.

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Drive Systems

Faulhaber, Clearwater, FL, has released a new publication, “FAULHABER Market solutions – Drive Systems for Healthcare, Medical & Laboratory Equipment.”

The publication identifies which drives are especially well suited for medical technology applications from the areas of ventilation systems, personal protection (PAPR), laboratory automation, point-of-care (POC) analysis as well as infrared thermometry. It also describes what options are possible.

The publication can be downloaded for free in electronic form (PDF) from the FAULHABER Web site.

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Precision Drive Systems

Maxon, Taunton, MA, has released its 2020/21 comprehensive product catalog. The new catalog details the company’s product selection of DC brushed and brushless motors, spur and planetary gearheads, encoders, and control electronics. The company’s X drives family has been expanded to include a 4 mm high speed brushless motor with matching gearhead (GPX 4) and encoder (ENX 4 MAG – magnetic version). The catalog also includes high torque versions of its ECX 22 motors in varying lengths. In addition, EC-i and EC flat brushless motor families have been expanded to include higher performance flat motors and drives with higher torque output.

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Linear Actuators

Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, has introduced a noncommutated linear actuator. Easily integrated into new and existing applications, the DDLM-019-044-01 is a compact, zero cogging, clean, quiet, fully enclosed linear actuator. It measures just 0.750 in. (19.1 mm) in. diameter, has a housing length of 1.750 in. (44.5 mm) long, and has a stroke of 0.460 in. (11.7 mm). It can develop 11.0 oz (3.1 N) of continuous force and 34.8 oz (9.7 N) peak force. Direct coupling of the actuator to the load results in zero backlash and allows for smooth, high acceleration/deceleration, and high-speed positioning.

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Light Microscopy

Zeiss, Chicago, IL, has introduced four new high-quality CMOS cameras for digital imaging in light microscopy. According to the company, the Axiocam 705 color and 712 color deliver the best possible image quality for histology, pathology, or material research and analysis, thanks to excellent color rendition and greatly improved dynamic range. They are ideal for demanding fluorescence live-cell imaging with fast frame rates and high dynamic range. Their extended near-IR sensitivity allows for deeper insights into sample structures.

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Pitch and Roll Stages

The precise measurements of angles and the curvature of objects are easily determined using two new pitch and roll stages from Optimal Engineering Systems, Van Nuys, CA.

The PR100-45-01 is driven by stepper motors, and the PR100-45-02 is driven by brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders.

The pitch axis (lower stage) is a high-precision goniometer stage that features preloaded cross roller guides and a high ratio worm drive for smooth motion over a range of travel of ±45°.

It has a typical accuracy of 0.05° and repeatability of ±0.01°.

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UV Cure Epoxy

EpoxySet, Woonsocket, RI, has introduced a non-yellowing, optically clear epoxy that can be cured in under 10 seconds with 365 LED light. FLASHBOND™ UV-6502CL is a low-viscosity adhesive that produces high bond strength to glass, metals, ceramics, and many engineered plastics. With a glass transition temperature of 135 °C, it can be used continuously to 200 °C without discoloration. The low cure shrinkage yields low stress on even the most delicate parts, making it ideal for alignment applications. It can be cured up to 1 mil thick to create a scratch resistant finish that can easily be cut and polished.

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Pressure Mapping Module

A customizable pressure mapping scanning electronics module is available from Tekscan, Boston, MA. PM64™ includes an incremental pricing model that supports a large-scale deployment for high-volume users and OEMs. The PM64 Starter Kit includes an 8×8 (64-point) sensor, PM64 electronics, the company’s R&D software (I-Scan™), and the Pressure Mapping Software Development Kit (SDK). Utilizing PM64 with the SDK — an easy-to-use software application programming interface (API) — the end user can include pressure mapping data in a live feedback loop for inline quality assurance/quality control testing.

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Automated Inspection System

Saki Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, offers a combination 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) with 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) system. The system fits NPI, high-mix/low-volume, and high-volume applications, enabling companies to use both SPI and AOI inspection to ensure the quality of their manufacturing process and products, even when using 01005 and 0201 metric components and board sizes up to 27 × 34 in. Multiple sensors of 7, 12, and 18 μm accommodate the inspection needs of almost all manufacturing operations. Common software and a common user interface enable results to be viewed together. Programming is easy and intuitive and provides automated data analytics and line performance dashboards.

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Swiss Style Lathes

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom (MCC), Allendale, NJ, has introduced new, state-of-the art, Swiss style lathes. The M532 VIII is a turret style Swiss turning center. The new design of the 32 mm capacity machine (with the capability to increase to 38 mm) helps improve productivity and operating convenience. The standard 12 cutting axes includes a B axis for angular drilling and contour milling. A 10-station turret with half index capability provides 20 positions.

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Indicator Buzzers

The Audio Group of CUI Devices, Tualatin, OR, has introduced new magnetic and piezo indicator buzzers with tight frequency tolerances of ±100 Hz. The audio indicators feature a narrow frequency range, which provides added frequency stability that is not affected by temperature or voltage, while providing more consistent tones and sounds in an end application. This makes them a highly reliable solution for medical applications that require greater tone consistency. With a built-in driving circuit, these magnetic and piezo buzzers feature sound pressure levels (SPLs) of 80, 85, or 88 dB at 10 cm, rated frequencies of 2400, 2700, or 4000 Hz, and rated voltages of 3, 5, or 12 Vdc. The models further offer through hole mounting styles and are housed in compact packages.

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