Flexible Conduit

Electri-Flex, Roselle, IL, offers a jacketed metallic flexible electrical conduit with many different colored jacketing options. Liquatite® Type ZHLA is a zero-halogen, low fire hazard conduit. It is UL listed and CSA certified. It is available in black as well as a variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and white. The benefits of using colored flexible conduit include saving time and money in maintenance and repair situations, enabling quick circuit identification, as well as providing a visible warning to use caution in and around specific areas. The flexible inner core is made from a spiral-wound strip of heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel, providing high mechanical strength.

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Heat Sink

A family of ultra-high-performance heat sinks for cooling high-powered CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and AI processors is available from Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), Norwood, MA. The ultra-cool family includes active heat sinks with integral blowers, and passive heat sinks that use available airflow to provide thermal management. The active heat sinks, dualFLOW and quadFLOW, are designed for use on moderate to high component density PCBs, including 1U and 2U boards. The passive (fanless) cooling solutions are straight-fin heat sinks. They are ideal for systems with open airflow from front to back. Aluminum fins reduce the overall weight, while copper fins spread heat more efficiently for better thermal performance.

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Biocompatible Adhesives

An epoxy resin from Panacol-USA, Torrington, CT, cures under UV light and is suitable for medical device assembly. The one-component adhesive Vitralit® 1605 is transparent and very easy to dispense. Its adhesion to glass and metal is excellent, which makes it suitable for fixing glass and rod lenses in endoscopes or for bonding lens stacks, for example. It can be cured under UV light in the wavelength from 320 to 390 nm. It features a thermal initiator that enables secondary curing of shadowed areas.

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Printing and Packaging

A multipronged solution that combines high-quality printing and precision slitting/traverse winding is now available from Web Industries Inc., Marlborough, MA. WebPrecisionPlus™ incorporates brand-enhancing flexographic printing with precision narrow-width slitting and tightly controlled traverse winding or spooling. Slitting and traverse winding operations produce large rolls that easily integrate into packaging lines. Materials are slit to widths as narrow as 1 mm up to 12 in. wide. The company then traverse winds them onto spools. Accuracy ranges to ±0.003 in. for stiffer materials.

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3D Printer

Optomec, Albuquerque, NM, offers proprietary additive manufacturing equipment and software. Its solutions include both 3D printed metal and 3D printed electronics. The company’s directed energy deposition-based printers are used for a range of high ROI production applications including short-run manufacturing, upfront wear coatings, and rebuild of worn or damaged components. Its Aerosol Jet® systems for 3D printed electronics are used in production for applications including high-density 3D semiconductor packaging and directly integrated 3D antenna and sensors for industry leaders the medical device market.

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Traceability Module

Instron, Norwood, MA, has released a new traceability module for its Bluehill Universal software. The module is designed to help users achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, as well as accomplish compliance with other regulatory accreditations such as NADCAP, A2LA, and ISO 17025. The module features three main components: revisions history, electronic signatures, and an audit trail. By using these in combination with Bluehill’s security features, users are able to know who did what, when, and why in their test system, and be able to prove it during an audit.

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LXI/Ethernet Digitizer

Spectrum Instrumentation, Grosshansdorf, Germany, has extended the capabilities of its LXI/Ethernet-digitizers by adding a powerful mixed-mode testing option. This new option is available on four different models, all featuring eight analog input channels that synchronously sample signals at rates up to 5, 20, 40, or 125 MS/s with 16-bit resolution. The new option adds eight digital lines to the three multipurpose I/O lines that come as standard with each unit, increasing the number of digital input channels to 11 in total. The enhanced digitizers simultaneously acquire both eight analog and 11 digital signals in a fully synchronous fashion, with easy access to all 19 channels via front panel BNC connectors.

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Colored Glass Filters

Laser Components USA, Bedford, NH, has partnered with Isuzu Glass to offer alternative colored glass filters. The glass products can perform special functions in the wavelength range of invisible ultraviolet and far-infrared rays. The glass filters are custom designed, providing high-quality output. Free-form molding technology offers many advantages over conventional glass techniques. Other benefits include the ability to connect custom and new filter designs and substitutions for multiple wavelength options for not only colored glasses but also for coatings.

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