Progressive Cavity Pump

AYSMTEK, Carlsbad, CA, offers a family of progressive cavity pumps. The Vortik® pumps are fully integrated with dispensing systems and software to deliver repeatable volumetric accuracy without interruption. The pumps come in three sizes for small volume (VPs), medium volume (VPm), and large volume (VPg) dispensing of one- and two-component materials. Each size features two models with differing rotor sizes that dispense a specific volume per revolution.

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Transfer Tubing

A silicone transfer tubing from Watson Marlow FTG, Wilmington, MA, provides a safe, reliable, and value-based solution for a wide range of bioprocess fluid transfer applications. BioPure platinum cured silicone transfer tubing is flexible and reliable, delivering safe and efficient fluid transfer. The tubing is USP Class VI compliant and animal derived component free. It is autoclavable and gamma stable up to 50 kGy. Lot numbering enables product traceability for confidence in the supply chain.

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Pumps/Dispenser Catalog

Fluid Metering Inc., Syosett, NY, has released a new catalog of precision dispensers and metering pumps for laboratory, industrial, process, and OEM applications. The company’s products feature unique piston-type positive displacement units with no valves, low dead volume, 1 percent accuracy, a ceramic/fluorocarbon fluid path, and a range from 500 nL per dispense up to 4,600 ml/min continuous metering.

The catalog includes a selection of standard off-the-shelf products as well as pumps that are custom designed to meet specific application requirements.

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Proportional Valve

A linear motor proportional valve from Parker Precision Fluidics, Warwick, UK, is targeted at the respiratory and anesthesia markets.

The Parker LM-Pro miniature proportional valve utilizes a patent pending linear motor actuation technology to enable flow up to 540 slpm in a very compact and energy efficient package.

It provides exceptional resolution over a longer stroke and lower power consumption than traditional solenoid or voice coil actuation designs.

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