Solenoid Gas Valve

A new line of miniature solenoid gas valves from Emerson, Danbury, CT, is designed for use with air and inert gases. The ASCO Series 090 offers compact, lightweight architecture and low power consumption, making them ideal for portable medical devices requiring precision control of gases, without sacrificing critical flow requirements. The valves’ exceptional service lifetime of over 50 million cycles significantly increases OEM device efficiency and reliability. Typical applications for the Series 090 include oxygen therapy devices, compression therapy (for treatment of DVT), and gas analyzers.

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Self-Lubricating LSR

Momentive, Waterford, NY, offers a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) designed to provide enhanced lubricity for specialized applications requiring a high-slip surface not achievable via traditional silicone molded parts.

Silopren LSR 46X5 SL series is a two-component, self-lubricating LSR for injection molding processes that provides a lubricious surface on the molded part after vulcanization.

The LSR can eliminate the need for secondary lubrication processes to reduce the coefficient of friction, which can improve the mounting efficiency of molded parts during the assembly of devices.

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Flame-Resistant Polymers

A new portfolio of polymers for the housing and hardware of electronic medical devices is available from Eastman, Kingsport, TN. The MXF product line is built on Tritan’s durability and disinfectant resistance. These materials offer chemical compatibility with a wide range of disinfectants used to combat HAIs as well as improved durability and higher impact strength. Materials in the portfolio enable ease of processing, with lower ejection force for easier de-molding.

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Biomedical Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Billerica, MA, has expanded its line of biocompatible/ medical-grade adhesives. MED-OG198-55 and MED-730-110 have successfully undergone ISO10993-5 cytotoxicity testing. MED-OG198-55 is a special cationic-based, translucent, highly thixotropic gel with significant UV shadow curing capabilities and enhanced performance when thermally post cured. MED-730-110 is an easy-to-use (1:1 mix ratio, dual cartridge packaging), structural adhesive, with low or room temperature curing capability. It has excellent adhesion to plastics, catheter tubing, and many known difficult-to-bond materials.

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Long-Fiber Thermoplastic

A new long-fiber thermoplastic from Solvay, Brussels, Belgium, is designed for structural medical equipment components. Xencor™ LFT compounds deliver high strength and enhanced impact resistance for structural applications. These long glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics can replace metal and traditional short fiber thermoplastics. Typical applications include chassis, gear systems, and components needing high mechanical properties and load-bearing capabilities. They provide better retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures along with very low creep, outstanding fatigue resistance and excellent surface finish.

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Machining Capacity

Solar Atmospheres, Hermitage, PA, has added a CNC lathe to support rapid growth of its mechanical testing department. The company says the increased machining efficiency of the Haas ST-10 improves turnaround at the final stage in the thermal process, obtaining the tensile test results of processed materials. Previously performed by an outside company, bringing this testing in-house supports the company’s overall goal of becoming Nadcap Laboratory Testing AC 7101 approved.

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Qosina, Ronkonkoma, NY, offers a variety of reliable and durable solutions for bonding assemblies together. If customers require an adhesive that has a low, medium, or high viscosity, or are working with different types of materials, H.B. Fuller’s instant and light-cured adhesives deliver hassle-free bonding. A variety of UV-curable and cyanoacrylate instant adhesives from are available. The adhesives are designed for general purpose bonding on all types of substrates and suitable for use in medical devices.

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Solvent Dispenser

TechnoMed, Rockville, MD, has released easy-to-operate dispenser for cyclohexanone or alternative solvents.

The DS-Vision is designed for manual bonding of plastic medical tubing.

The dispenser is ideal for quality control, which is critical for the assembly of tubing devices, especially those used in minimally invasive medical procedures. It confirms the presence of solvent on each tube to be assembled and gathers production data to generate optimal bonding results.

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Digital Indicators

Mahr, Providence, RI, has added a new higher-selectable resolution option to its indicator line.

These MarCator 1086R and 1087R digital indicators provide easy operation, a large display, powerful application features, and simple transmission of measurements with their wired or integrated wireless system.

The new option offers six different resolutions, ranging from 0.00001 to 0.0005 in. (0.0001–0.01 mm).

The digital indicators with the selectable high-resolution option include the 1086 R-HR with large display and the 1087 R-HR analog/digital display and dynamics.

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