External PSUs

XP Power, Tokyo, Japan, has released two series of external power supplies that are intended for modern medical applications, including safety approvals for home-based healthcare, and IT applications where energy efficiency and international safety approvals are critical. All of the new PSUs meet Energy Efficiency Level VI and consume less than 0.15 W in standby mode. The PSUs are approved to ANSI/AMMI ES60601-1, ANSI/AMMI HA60601-1-11, EN/IEC60601-1, and EN/IEC60601-1-11. The ALM150 series offers power levels up to 150W while the ALM200 series delivers 200 W of power. Both series offer five single output versions with output voltages of 12.0, 15.0, 19.0, 24.0, and 48.0 V.

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Slip Ring Configurator

A configurator from Schleifring, Chelmsford, MA, enables engineers and designers to quickly define a slip ring solution. The versatile Modular Industrial Application offers two basic components and a wide range of selectable power groups, inter alia for power and signal transmission, Ethernet and bus components, and media rotary joints as well as flanges. These make it possible to configure slip rings with up to 102 paths and for 630 V (AC). The configuration tool checks whether the desired functionality can be implemented in a specified installation space while requirements are being entered. Once the slip ring has been successfully configured, the corresponding CAD data (step file) as well as a PDF document are available for download immediately.

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Catheter Tubing

Junkosha, Tokyo, Japan, has launched an active catheter solution. The Multi-Filar cables have a capacity of up to 60 power lines, depending on AWG size or pitch, and are designed to provide not only increased functionality, but also more signals into previously inaccessible areas of the body. It provides multiple signals through an ultra-small shaft. Single-strand configurations are joined into a multi-filar assembly that can be utilized in electrophysiology catheters for applying pacing and recording protocols from inside the heart, ablation, and balloon ablation catheters for atrial fibrillation as well as cardiac mapping.

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Panacol, Torrington, CT, has introduced a newly developed acrylate adhesive for bonding displays. Vitralit® UD 8540 is very soft after curing, providing the ability to intercept thermal stresses between dissimilar substrates. It is a one-component, UV-curing acrylic adhesive. The adhesive features a dual-curing component that reacts to atmospheric moisture. Thus, shadow zones within the display frame can also be cured reliably. It exhibits excellent adhesion to glass and PMMA, which makes it the suitable for bonding glass/glass or glass/PMMA displays. For bonding glass/PC, a specially formulated version of this adhesive is available. Both adhesive variations are free of solvents and silicones.

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Slim Line Chucks

Emuge, West Boylton, MA, has expanded its line of FPC milling/drilling chucks to include slim line models that are designed to enhance 5-axis machining productivity and versatility. Available in the 18916 in. (2–14 mm) size range (FPC14), the compact, slim design with tapered shape enables easier access to the work, especially in confined areas and for challenging angles. The FPC chuck delivers 3 tons of traction force. The unique design and body provide 100 percent holding power for maximum rigidity, and the collet-cone assembly absorbs virtually all vibration for maximum dampening.

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Renesas Electronics, Tokyo, Japan, has released a line of microcontrollers. The Renesas Advanced (RA) family of 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M microcontrollers (MCUs) deliver optimized performance, security, connectivity, peripheral IP, and easy-to-use flexible software package (FSP) to address the next generation of embedded solutions. The RA Family, which is designed to accelerate the development of IoT applications, is PSA Certified Level 1 and includes the RA2 Series (up to 60 MHz), RA4 Series (up to 100 MHz), RA6 Series (up to 200 MHz), and the dual-core RA8 Series, to be released later.

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DC/DC Converters

Non-isolated point-of-load converters from Traco Power, San Jose, CA, are designed to standardize on one converter to support multiple applications and bus voltages. TSR 0.6WI and TSR 1WI are non-isolated point-of-load converters in the industry standard SIP3 package commonly used by LMxx series linear regulators. Each series consists of seven single output models of 3.3/5/6.5/9/12/15/24 V out capable of 600 mA (TSR 0.6 WI) or 1,000 mA (TSR 1 WI). High efficiency of up to 94 percent enables an operating temperature range of ‒40 to +80 °C without heatsinking within a SIP3 package.

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Transparent ABS

Toray, New York, NY, has released a transparent ABS resin for medical applications. TOYOLAC® is designed for components and final-use products particularly for liquid-contact medical devices. It offers superior injection molding and processability, superior hardness, toughness, and resistance properties compared with traditional thermoplastics. It has robust chemical resistance and is sterilizable but cannot be autoclaved. It is an FDA Drug Master File registered material, and it is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility.

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Binder, Camarillo, CA, has expanded its Series 423 and 723 M16 connector family with the addition of an eight-pin DIN variant. The new connector supports all wireless networks, including 5G, and is AISG C485 compliant. It features a rugged metal shell and 360° EMI shielding. The eight-pin connectors are available as male and female cable and panel mount connectors and meet requirements for protection class IP68 when connected. They are available in straight or right-angle cable configurations. The right-angle cable connectors adjustable in four radial positions

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Embedded Hardware

New embedded hardware and IP solutions from Pleora Technologies, Ottawa, ON, Canada, provide a straightforward way for manufacturers to integrate high-bandwidth gigabit Ethernet connectivity into flat panel detectors (FPDs). The iPORT NTx-NBT25 and NTx-NBT50 GigE Vision over NBASE-T embedded solutions provide support faster 2.5 and 5 Gbps image transfer over Cat5e cabling. The CoreGEV-Tx10 GigE Vision FPGA IP Core provides a flexible, zero footprint approach for applications requiring up to 10 Gbps transmission over a standard Ethernet connection.

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