Thread Mills

Emuge, West Boylston, MA, has introduced advanced thread mills, featuring multiple teeth, a helical flute form, and multilayer TiAlN T46 coating. The new ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills are designed to increase tool life over 10 times more than conventional tools and produce precise threads in exotic materials including titanium, stainless steel, and more. The first teeth act as a rougher and the next two teeth performing finishing. By dividing functions into three cutting edges, speeds and feeds can be increased, and threads can be produced in a single pass.

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Beryllium Copper Components

Tech-Etch, Plymouth, MA, offers etching, forming, heat treating, and finishing of beryllium copper. The company produces bending tools capable of forming intricate sharp bends in tempers from annealed to full hard. Component parts are then inert atmosphere heat treated to enhance spring properties permitting greater deflection without compression set while achieving close dimensional control. Parts can be finished in tin, silver, zinc, sulfamate nickel, electroless nickel, palladium nickel, or gold.

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PCB Tabs

A new packaging is available from Keystone, New Hyde Park, NY, for the company's selection of Quick-Fit, PCB terminals. The male tab terminals are specifically designed on a continuous reel (strip) to be compatible with standard automated insertion equipment, reducing assembly and processing time. Manufactured from brass with tin-plate, the terminals ensure easy installation and soldering to a PCB and are packaged on reels as a “drop in” replacement for existing product.

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Dual Tactile Switch

C&K, Newton, MA, has added a dual-circuit technology tact switch to its KSC range of tactile switches. The new KSC-DCT tact switches offer SPDT NC-NO dual-circuit functionality that provides two outputs from a single input. Housed in a tiny 6.2 × 6.2 × 2.9 mm PCB-mount package, the silicone 70SH actuator included in the package extends the height to 5.2 mm above the PCB surface for easy operation and easier integration through pre/post travel. Rated for 300,000 operations, the new switches require an operating force of 4.75 N and provide a nominal travel distance of 0.85 mm.

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