Hermetic Seals Guide

A guide from Accumet, Westford, MA, offers electromechanical engineers and designers design for manufacturability (DFM) tips for optimizing their hermetic packages. Technical Brief “5 Keys to Perfecting Hermetic Seals with Laser Welding” details five keys designers should consider when hermetic sealing via laser welding. Hermetic seals are used throughout the RF/microwave and micro-electronics industry to provide maximum packaged protection from environmental elements that can reduce the reliability and required lifetime of critical electronics.

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Sliding Head Lathe

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Allendale, NJ, offers its sliding head lathe in three models in a modular design. The seven-axis model L32 Type VIII provides a wide range of modular tooling. This state-of-the-art machine features the ALL axis Simultaneous Cincom System M70 Control (Mitsubishi Meldas 70LPC). A user-friendly editing function utilizes multi-line, multi-axes programming along with superimposed and synchronized control. In addition, one bar loader axis (A7) is included. The lathes feature fast setup and quick changeover.

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Cleaning Solvent

Schurter, Santa Rosa, CA, has introduced its new series of outlets designed to provide enhanced features for increased functionality, as well as ease of assembly in power distribution units and uninterruptible power supplies. Series 4751 are IEC style F outlets for two, four, or six pack configurations. The packs are prewired between outlets for speed of assembly. Common terminals are solder 4.8 × 0.8 mm or quick connect 6.3 × 0.8 mm. The line terminal can also be independent with neutral and ground terminals prewired. Snap-in mounting is standard for 1.5 mm panels, with optional 1 or 3 mm on request. The panel cutouts are keyed to ensure proper mounting and alignment for assembly.

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SPC Software

Zontec, Cincinnati, OH, is expanding its software purchase options to include e-commerce subscription software. Synergy 100 and Synergy 100+ are available to purchase and download without long-term commitments or contracts. This new e-commerce subscription enables manufacturers to subscribe with a single user minimum and floating license. Companies can expense the monthly subscription instead of navigating the capital expense approval process. The software includes real-time variable charts: Xbar and R, Xbar and S, and Median and R. Synergy 100+ also includes real-time attribute charts: p, np, c, u and Pareto. Other features include histogram and Six Sigma capability for Cp, Cpk, Pp, and Ppk charts and easy-to-use data collection features.

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Custom Flexible Shafts

Custom flexible shafts are available from S.S. White Technologies, St. Petersburg, FL. Flexible shafts transmit rotary motion much like a solid shaft, but can be curved over, under, and around areas in ways a solid shaft cannot. This allows the minimally invasive applicator systems to position the proximal and distal ends of an implant (an anchor) within a blood vessel and to deploy the spiral anchor into the vascular wall. Flexible shafts are commonly used in surgical applications, especially in surgical power tools and tools used in minimally invasive procedures. Typical uses include handheld screw drivers, heart valve repair, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical equipment, and robotic assisted surgery technology.

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Biomedical Webbing and Tapes

Bally Ribbon Mills, Bally, PA, offers a line of bio-medical tapes and webbing, ideal for use in cardiovascular, orthopedic, and dental prosthetic applications. The company’s woven seamless tubular materials for stent and bifurcated graft designs is ideal for aortic repair and endo-luminal devices. Other cardiovascular textiles facilitate transaortic valve replacement and aseptal defect repair. The line includes woven tapes and webbing in flat fabrics, or straight or bifurcated tubular structures. Monofilament materials used in blood filtration, aspirating devices, and bone marrow transplants are also available. Braided composite substrates are available for use in the manufacture of prosthetic devices.

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Sensor Interface for Displays

Embedded hardware and IP solutions for integrating high-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet connectivity into flat panel detectors (FPDs) are available from Pleora Technologies, Ottawa, ON, Canada. The off-the-shelf products help manufacturers bypass cost, complexity, and design time associated with sensor interface design, while providing a low latency, high-bandwidth solution to address advanced application and system requirements. The iPORT NTx-Mini-S is a compact, low profile drop-in embedded interface measuring just 43.0 × 67.1 × 5.0 mm for fast time-to-market applications. The iPORT NTx-NBT25 and NTx-NBT50 GigE Vision over NBASE-T supports faster 2.5 and 5 Gbps image transfer over low-cost Cat5e cabling.

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AC-DC Power Supplies

XP Power, Singapore, has announced two new ranges of AC-DC power supplies that provide BF class insulation for healthcare applications where excellent EMC performance is a key requirement. The PBR500 and PBR650 series offer power levels up to 500 and 650 W, respectively. Both series accept a very wide and have a universal input range of 80–264 VAC at 47–63 Hz. A total of eight single output voltages (12, 15, 18, 24, 28, 36, 48, and 57 V) are available. PBR500 is available in two formats: U channel and covered. PBR650 is an enclosed power supply.

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CT Software

Volume Graphics, Charlotte, NC, has released the latest generation of its software for nondestructive quality assurance with industrial computed tomography (CT). VGSTUDIO MAX software is used for the analysis and visualization of industrial CT data and covers all requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, and simulation. Using Version 3.3, users can determine the surfaces of multi-material components, export measurement and analysis results to store them centrally in quality-management software, automate inspection processes more flexibly based on text recognition, and translate real CT data into volume meshes for simulation.

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Digital Video Comparators

A new generation of benchtop digital video comparators is available from L.S. Starrett Co., Athol, MA. The HDV300 and HDV400 offer increased speed, improved illumination, and enhanced design. CNC motion on the new HDV systems is significantly faster, enabling greater user measurement throughput. At 10 mm/sec, speed on the Y-axis has tripled and X-axis speed has almost doubled at 45 mm/sec. In addition, improved LED ring lighting provides a more consistent illumination. The computer and M3 controller in the new systems are located inside the HDV housing, designed to provide a clean design with minimal external wiring and connections.

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Power Cords and Cord Sets

Interpower, Oskaloosa, IA, has added Australian Class II power cords and cord sets to its product line. Power cords include one on 1.00 mm2 H05VV-F cable (P/N 86211660) and one on 0.75 mm2 H05VV-H2-F cable (P/N 86211670). Cord sets are available on 1.00 mm2 H05VV-F cable with IEC 60320 C17 straight or angled connectors. A cord set with an IEC 60320 C7 connector on 0.75 mm2 H05VV-H2-F cable (P/N 86211680) will also be available once inventory is depleted. A power cord with a hospital-grade plug on 1.00 mm2 H05VV-F cable and a cord set with a hospital-grade plug and IEC 60320 C17 connector are also available. All cords have the Department of Fair Trading approval.

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Variable Drive Measurement

Mahr, Providence, RI, has added a variable-drive series that enables roughness and contour measurements to be performed on the same machine. With the MarSurf VD, the operator can easily and quickly change between a high-precision roughness probe system or a highly dynamic contour probe system, depending on the measuring task. The new variable drive series combines contour measuring and the surface finish measuring into a single unit. It is available in drive unit sizes of 140 and 280 mm, which allows for the measurement of larger parts or a series of smaller parts staged together. The series also significantly increases the speed of all moving axes to reduce the cycle time of the measurement process.

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Digital Microscope

A new digital microscope from Olympus, Waltham, MA, is designed to measure and observe a variety of materials. The DSX1000 microscope guarantees high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision in a single instrument. New features include fast, one-button switching between 17 objective lenses for low and high magnification from 20× to 7000×; a telecentric optical system; quick comparison between bright field, oblique, dark field, MIX, polarization, and differential interference contrast; and 60 frames-per-second image acquisition. A memory function saves user data for quick, easy setup and repeatable image acquisition.

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Scanning Laser Tracker

A new laser tracker line is available from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, North Kingstown, RI. The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 introduces a new concept in metrology-grade laser trackers, with targetless 3D scanning possible for the first time directly from the laser tracker. The tracker can scan a surface with metrological accuracy from a distance of up to 40 m with no need for targets, sprays, reflectors, or probes. Previously difficult to reach areas are simply measured without even the need for tracker repositioning, while surfaces that would previously have taken hours to manually scan can now be digitized in minutes.

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Spectrum Instrumentation, Grosshansdorf, Germany, has released six new arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) that are optimized for signal quality, size and cost. The new 65 series AWGs offer the latest 16-bit digital-analog-converters, a fast PCIe ×4 interface with up to 700 MByte/s streaming speed and a card length of only 168 mm to fit into nearly every PC. With 40 or 125 MSamples/s speed, high onboard memory of 512 MSamples, output levels of up to ±6 V, and four additional multipurpose outputs, the cards are suitable for frequencies between 1 and 60 MHz in the areas of ultrasound, laser, and medical science.

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