Adhesives for Wearables

3M, St. Paul, MN, has added an extended wear transfer adhesive to its lineup of advanced adhesives for medical devices. Designed to laminate many substrates, 3M medical transfer adhesive 4075 features an extended wear pressure sensitive transfer adhesive and allows design engineers to use a variety of backings. The adhesive offers excellent initial skin adhesion with up to a 14-day wear time, depending on the backing material used. It has been tested to ISO:10993-5 and ISO:10993-10, which assess the in vitro cytotoxicity and a product's potential to produce irritation and skin sensitization, respectively. It is ethylene oxide sterilization compatible.

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COM Modules

New COM Express Type 6 modules are available from Congatec, San Diego, CA. The four Intel Xeon, three Intel Core, two Intel Celeron, and one Intel Pentium processors are all based on the same Intel microarchitecture (codenamed Coffee Lake H). This enables the company to provide all 10 new processors on one COM Express module design — the conga-TS370. The two 6-core modules with a TDP of 25 W on Intel Xeon E-2276ML and Intel Core i7-9850HL processors enable developers to create completely passively cooled embedded edge computing systems that can run up to 12 standalone virtual machines in parallel.

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Stepper Motors

Nippon Pulse, Radford, VA, has added a new series of bipolar hybrid stepper motors. The PJE series, available in sizes from 20 to 86 mm in diameter (NEMA sizes 8-34), provides high torque in each of its form factors (single, double, and triple stack lengths), so OEMs can utilize a smaller-sized motor to achieve the required amount of torque. Larger frame sizes also include an option for a motor with a built-in encoder, while some smaller frame sizes include a linear hybrid (PJEL) model. All bipolar hybrid motors are RoHS and CE compliant.

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Safety Foot Switch

ZF Electronic Systems, Pleasant Prairie, WI, offers Steute's Series GFS two-stage safety foot switch. In use, the operator depresses the pedal to a detent position to close NO control contacts, allowing machine operation. Depressing the pedal through the detent position (as often happens when the operator is in distress), opens (and latches) positive-break NC contacts to stop the controlled function. Units feature a reset button; a rugged powder-coated, die-cast aluminum housing; and IP65, EN ISO 13849-1 and cCSAus-compliance.

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Isolation Transformers

All ISO-PUCK models of medical grade transformers from Bridgeport Magnetics Group, Shelton, CT, are now potted inside polycarbonate enclosures. They range from 200 to 3000 VA, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz with cord lengths of 2–20 ft. The new portable 1200 VA ISO-PUCK Tower contains a hospital-grade power strip. For a wet location, installing an ISO-PUCK rather than a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) avoids interruption of power during surgery caused by excessive leakage current. The transformers also help speed up product certification by making the ISO-PUCK an integral part of the device.

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Packaging Sealer

Accu-Seal, San Marcos, CA, has released a new packaging sealer. The 6300P series produces seal lengths of 15, 20 and 25 in. at a width of 0.375 in. The series features heavy-duty linear pneumatic seal actuation and high strength stiffened seal bar construction. A digital high-speed PLC controller is included with an LCD touchscreen. This series includes selectable and programmable seal modes and external calibration verification ports for seal temperature, time and pressure. An optional data acquisition system offers seal parameter collection and reporting, as well as peripheral interface capability such as a barcode scanner.

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Metal Film Chip Resistors

New high reliability metal film chip resistors are available from KOA Speer Electronics, Bradford, PA. The RN73R series are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high heat and high moisture applications. These new resistors provide improved electrolytic corrosion resistance and high stability compared to KOA's existing RN73 thin film resistors. The RN73R offers excellent heat tolerance with an operational temperature range of –55 °C ~ +155 °C and a rated ambient temperature of +85 °C.

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CEL, Santa Clara, CA has added a new family of deep ultraviolet (UV-C) LEDs for a wide range of sterilization and disinfection applications. The UV-C LEDs include an emitting wavelength of 275 nm, which is a particularly effective wavelength in the UV-C spectrum at killing bacteria for sterilization applications. The devices provide high efficiency with long lifetimes. For example, the 3-mW output version, with a 25-mA current requirement, has a lifetime exceeding 10,000 hours. The LEDs consist of an AlGaN chip in a very high thermal conductive 3.5 × 3.5 mm ceramic package with a shielded transmittance glass lid.

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