Rechargeable Li-ion Cells

Tadiran, Lake Success, NY, has introduced rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that are specifically modified for medical applications requiring autoclave sterilization cycles at temperatures up to 125 °C. Common applications for TLI-1550HT batteries include surgical saws, drills, reamers, staplers, shavers, and wire/pin drivers. The batteries enable medical devices to be reused hundreds of times without having to remove or replace the battery prior to autoclave sterilization. The cylindrical cells (51 × 14.8 mm) feature high capacity (0.4 Ah), high energy density (170 Wh/L), and high power density (210 Wh/L).

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SMT Test Points

Keystone, New Hyde Park, NY, has introduced new color-keyed SMT test points. The test points are manufactured in phosphor bronze with a silver plate for soldering and low electrical resistance for a variety of applications. The colored identification bases are manufactured of high-temperature nylon, suitable for most SMT reflow solder operations with an operating temperature of up to 150 °C. Test points are available in 10 different colored bases: red, black, white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, and gray.

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Cybersecurity Software

Thirdwayv, Irvine, CA, has introduced new mission-critical software. The AppAuth software enables users to control mission-critical IoT devices in the medical and other markets with their own smartphones. The software protects communication links as well as the surrounding environment of such links. It provides a digital cryptographic identity to each element of the IoT system and enables each system element to validate the authority and privileges of the others. AppAuth can be used alone or in conjunction with the company's SecureConnectivity solution.

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Temperature Control System

A temperature control system from Laird Thermal Systems, Durham, NC, offers an alternative to compressor-based systems in a smaller package for heating and cooling inside the incubator chamber. The compact SuperCool series of thermoelectric assemblies do not use refrigerants. The series is available in three models to provide heat transfer mechanism options on the control side. Heat can be absorbed via liquid, conduction, or convection. The liquid-to-air unit has a cooling capacity of 202 W, direct-to-air offers 193 W, and air-to-air provides 166 W.

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Thermal Jumper Chip

TT Electronics, Woking, UK, has introduced a series of thermal jumper chips, enabling circuit designers to manage temperature rise in compact power electronic assemblies. The TJC parts provide a thermally conductive pathway with electrical isolation for management of PCB hotspot areas. Aluminum nitride is employed in the thermal jumper chip to keep compact electronic assemblies cooler, which enhances product reliability.

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Mouser, Mansfield, TX, now offers NXP Semiconductors’ LPC55S6x microcontrollers, the first members of the NXP LPC5500 series. The microcontrollers feature dual Arm®Cortex®-M33 cores and Arm TrustZone® technology for diagnostic equipment and other applications. The LPC 55S6 microcontrollers are based on the Armv8-M architecture and a low-power 40 nm embedded flash process. The microcontrollers offer enhanced realtime parallelism, using an autonomous programmable logic unit (PLU) for offloading and execution of user-defined tasks.

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Motorized Pan-Tilt Stages

OES, Van Nuys, CA, has added high-resolution, motorized pan-tilt stages to its line of motion control products. The pan-tilt stages are available in two sizes: the PT60-1 is a combination of two 60 mm (2.362 in.) rotary stages and the PT100-1 is a combination of two 100 mm (3.937 in.) rotary stages, set at a 90° angle to each other. Each rotary stage features a high repeatability of 0.005° (18 arc-sec), a positional accuracy of 0.005° (18 arc-sec), and a resolution of 0.001 ° = 3.6 in. (10 micro-steps per step motor driver in use). The pan and tilt axes on both stages have precision V-grove and crossed roller travel guides.

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DC/DC Converters

Traco Power, San Jose, CA, has released a new family of 1 and 2 W DC/DC converters in the industry standard SIP-7 package. Features include an integrated short-circuit protection circuit, higher I/O isolation, and extended temperature range. The TBA/SIP-7 family consists of three platforms: 1 W TBA-1E with 1500 VDC isolation; 1 WTBA-1HI with 3000 VDC isolation; and 2 W TBA-2 models with 1500 VDC isolation. Providing basic I/O isolation of circuits for a broad range of low-power applications, the converters are ideal for applications where low cost and space are critical.

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A new catalog is available from Qosina, Ronkonkoma, NY. The full-color catalog includes more than 5,000 stock components depicted in full-scale photos on a 1-cm grid. The company has added nearly 400 new and innovative components to its new catalog. Material and measurement details are included on each product to help determine suitability for use. A dedicated ISO 80369 chapter has been added, as well as ISO 80369 callouts on applicable products. It also includes a list of recommended sterilization methods and conversion charts that assist with calculation of metric, weight and length measurements.

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