Female Cable Connector

Binder USA, Camarillo, CA has extended its M12-X product line with a female cable connector and RJ45 to female feedthrough for control cabinets. The M12 X-coded cable connectors are part of the company's 825 series, which features data transmission four-paired up to 10 Gbit/s. The new connectors are available straight or angled with eight gold-plated contacts. The M12-X offers an IP67 degree of protection with the RJ45 being rated IP20.

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Platinum-Clad Wire

A full line of metallurgically bonded platinum clad rod, wire, and mesh anodes are available from Anomet Products, Shrewsbury, MA. The anodes can handle high current output and are dimensionally stable for longer life. Platinum clad anodes are metallurgically bonded to provide superior durability and performance vs. electroplated anodes in electrochemical and metal finishing processes. Clad to niobium or titanium as rod, wire, and mesh, these platinized anodes are available with or without a copper core for enhanced conductivity, and their low consumption rate prevents bath contamination. Platinum thickness can range from 10 to 600 μin., depending upon the application. Wire and rod can range from 0.021 to 1 in. dia., and woven mesh can be 24 in. wide.

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Connectivity Brochure

A brochure from Fischer Connectors, Atlanta, GA, details the company's evolution as a partner in connectivity and its vision to help shape the future with its customers. The brochure focuses on the company's family and entrepreneurial heritage and its vision of reimagining connectivity by co-creating innovative solutions with customers and partners. It also presents our four categories of tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs worldwide: connectors, assembled cable solutions, integrated solutions, and customized solutions.

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Medical Cables

A booklet from New England Wire Technologies, Lisbon, NH, examines specialty wire, cable, cable assemblies, and extruded tubing to meet existing and emerging worldwide medical markets. The 20-page booklet overviews multiple options, including multi-conductor cable for medical electronics, hybrid cable configurations for complex devices and applications, and miniature and microminiature coax for custom applications. Also included are sections detailing custom endoscopy cables, reinforced silicone rubber cables, foamed dielectrics, low-noise cables, specialty coatings, insulation options, applications, and more.

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the August, 2019 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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