Hypodermic Needle Manufacturing

Moldworx, Gilbert, AZ, has automated the production of hypodermic needles using the overmolding process to reduce costs and improve productivity. The company has expertise in the design and building of molds to inject medical-grade plastic around stainless steel needles as small as 0.012 in. (0.305 mm), as well as the automation for this project. The company designed and developed a singulator with a hopper that introduces one needle at a time to the assembly line cell. Each needle is picked up with a robot affixed to the injection molding machine and indexed in front of a set of high-resolution inspection cameras to ensure that it is not bent or that the needle tip is not damaged, which would cause the needle to be rejected.

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Integrated Molding Services

MGS, Germantown, WI, has integrated its tooling, molding, and equipment businesses. By controlling more of the supply chain in house, the company says it can minimize risk, maximize resources, and drive better customer performance and growth. Leveraging its own technologies throughout the manufacturing process enables the company to focus on applying knowledge and innovation from one area of the business to another. Beyond its specialized expertise in tooling, molding, and multishot equipment, it also provides new product development capabilities and automation technologies.

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To address uncertainties and lack of data on micromolding resins, Accumold, Ankeny, IA, conducted a study on these resins. The study looked at how various resins and thermoplastics behave at micro sizes. It compared 11 frequently used materials in a thin-wall study. The goal was to see how far various resins could be pushed and the to record the comparison data for practical real-world use. Normally, the mold would be altered for each resin, but in order to attain the purest data possible for the study, nothing was modified, including the mold itself, the gate, or the runner system.

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Molding System

Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, ON, Canada, has launched the next generation of its HyPET™ HPP5e system. HPP5e is designed to intuitively reduce energy consumption. The platform is built on an intelligent, adaptive technology that uses feedback from pressure and actuator sensors to determine the optimum pressure required to effectively and efficiently mold every application. The smart system monitors and automatically adjusts for optimal energy consumption without impacting system capability, cycle time, or part quality. New conveyor technology significantly reduces preform bounce when parts are ejected from the CoolPik® unit to the exiting conveyor. Real-time control simplifies the molding process.

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