Catheter Tie Layer

Zeus, Orangeburg, SC, offers a thin thermoplastic coating that is placed over a PTFE liner during catheter construction. The Zeus Tie Layer creates a melt bondable surface that improves adhesion to the catheter jacket following the reflow process. Used in this way, it improves jacket-to-liner bond strength and enhances mechanical properties of the finished device. Better jacket-to-liner bond strength helps promote improved patient care and fortifies the catheter.

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Catheter Manufacturing

Spectrum Plastics Group, Atlanta, GA, offers a variety of catheter manufacturing capabilities for micro, braided and coiled, or steerable and/or deflectable catheters. Braided catheter capabilities include patterns and 16 and 24 carrier braiders, as well as fully programmable variable braid density/ppi. Stainless steel braid wires in both flat and round wire are available in a variety of sizes. Steerable configurations are fully customizable, with bend radius and deflection angle tuned to customer requirements.

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Coated Mandrels and Wires

Putnam Plastics, Dayville, CT, has expanded its product portfolio to include RilSlix™ coated mandrels and wires. The new products incorporate a unique surface chemistry that has been optimized for use as a processing aid in catheter manufacturing. A range of fluoropolymer coatings are available, and all coatings are compatible with discrete, tapered, and continuous wire. The RilSlix compounds have been designed with PFOA-free, REACH-compliant materials. The wires/mandrels can be used repeatedly without flaking.

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Silicone Tubing

Natvar, a TekniPlex company, Wayne, PA, offers silicone extrusion medical tubing. Because it is inert and biocompatible, it is an excellent choice for pump and other applications due to its ability to consistently hold tight tolerances. It is gas permeable, and it is steam, radiation, and EtO sterilizable. The tubing is available in platinum or peroxide as well as with other highly engineered silicone formulations.

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