Extrusion Reciprocating Head

Guill Tool, West Warwick, RI, has released a new reciprocating head. The traditional tip-and-die assembly is replaced with a linear reciprocating assembly that changes the tube's profile within a given length. This process is repeated throughout a single extrusion run without interruptions. Cutting capability, in association with the extrusion speed, cuts the finished product to length. Only one extrusion run is needed to produce a finished product, as opposed to multiple extrusion runs with tooling changes along with a manual assembly operation to connect different tubing shapes. The reciprocating head eliminates an assembly operation.

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Cable and Harness Tester

CAMI Research Inc., Acton, MA, manufactures an automation-ready cable and harness tester for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom wire cables and harnesses. The CableEye tester includes a comprehensive software package that provides test functions, graphic wiring display, connectors database, reporting, data logging, automation scripting, and other features. In addition to being used to automate the test itself, the automation scripting lets users generate and display rich text work instructions with images. Work instructions can be coupled with operator text-to-speech conversion to form a heads-down workstation.

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Power Supplies

Traco Power North America, San Jose, CA, has expanded its TIB series of industrial power supplies. The series now includes the TIB-EX family of 80, 120, 240, and 480 W DIN rail power supplies that are designed for harsh environments. The new TIB-EX models include expanded full load thermal performance, enhanced shock and vibration specifications, and additional outputs of 12 and 48 VDC. They feature 12, 24, and 48 V outputs (–2 ~ +17 percent VADJ Range); high efficiency operation of 88–95 percent; and 150 percent peak power for 4 seconds. They are packaged in a ruggedized metal enclosure.

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Foot Switch Guide

A guide from Steute, Ridgefield, CT, provides answers to frequently answered questions about medical device foot switches. The 24-page downloadable MedFAQ guide addresses advantages of wireless foot switches, medical applications, wireless protocols and specifications, speed of response, and battery life. It also covers custom design capabilities, types of receivers and outputs, and regulatory compliance. A section on safety and security is also included.

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

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