Heat Pipes

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Norwood, MA, has expanded its line of high-performance, off-the-shelf, flat and round heat pipes from 33 to 350. The high-performance copper heat pipes are grooved or sintered, copper powder wick structures. Round heat pipes are available in lengths of 70–600 mm and diameters of 4–10 mm, while flat heat pipes are available in lengths of 70–500 mm, widths of 4.83–11.41 mm, and heights of 2–6.5 mm.

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Optical Inspection System

Saki Corporation, Fremont, CA, has released a new automated optical inspection (AOI) system. The 3Di AOI system enables machine to machine communication for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. The 3Di series has scalable resolutions of 7, 12, and 18 μm, closed-loop functionality, and a sturdy frame with a dual-drive system designed to provide accuracy, stability, and reliability. To eliminate programming errors, the system uses self-programming software. No programming is necessary, and no golden board is needed.

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Cleaning Lubricants

MicroCare Medical, New Britain, CT, offers a variety of medical device cleaning, coating, and lubricating products. Duraglide™ Dry Lubricant assists in reducing 'stiction’ (the combination of sticking and friction) when using medical devices. Made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), it lowers surface-to-surface friction resulting in easier and more consistent movement of actuation-based surgical and medical procedural equipment. Tergo™ Metal Cleaning Fluid is a precision cleaner for degreasing metal, plastic, and ceramic parts. It quickly and consistently cleans intricate shapes without bioburden problems and the complexities associated with pyrogenic cleaning processes. It is designed to replace hydrocarbon degreasers, nPB, TCE, methylene chloride, and PFCs.

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Connectors and Cordsets

Industrial Ethernet connectors and cordsets are available from Binder USA, Camarillo, CA. The M12 connectors and cordsets deliver high-speed transmission up to 10 Gbps with overmold tools, cable flex rating, jacket material, color and inside/outside usage with cordset lengths up to 90 m. THE M12-A locking connectors are used for networks needing power or signal using CAN, CANopen, PROFIBUS PA, and DeviceNet devices. The Series 713 offers many different cable connectors, panel-mounted receptacles, and accessories. Connectors have industry-standard A-coding and have Hexagon locking sleeves for hand-tightening or torquing of connections.

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3D Imaging Software

Synopsys, Exeter, UK, has released a new version of its software. The Simpleware™ ScanIP Medical edition comes with FDA 510(k) clearance, and CE and ISO 13485:2016 certification as a medical device. The software is ideal for those working with 3D imaging to create medical devices for pre-clinical workflows such as implant design and patient-specific planning. Developed and maintained to international standards for medical device software, it comes with all the features of ScanIP, but is specifically intended for medical usage. Process medical scan data (MRI, CT…) and export output files are designed to simulate/evaluate pre-surgical treatment options.

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Digital Signal Controllers

A new family of 16-bit digital signal controllers (DSCs) is available from Microchip Technology, Chandler, AZ. Designed to deliver faster deterministic performance in time-critical control applications, the new dsPIC33CK DSCs have expanded context selected registers to reduce interrupt latency and new, faster instruction execution to accelerate digital signal processor (DSP) routines. This DSC offers digital signal processing power with the design simplicity of a microcontroller (MCU). The DSCs are also designed for medical applications where safe operation and shutdown in failure situations are critical. The devices include integrated functional safety features for safety-critical designs.

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Closed Loop Linear Stepper Stage

A series of low-profile linear stepper motor positioning stages is available from H2W Technologies, Santa Clarita, CA. The LSS-016-04-006-01A-ME stages integrate an absolute linear encoder and a single-axis linear stepper motor stage. This enables the linear stepper motor stage to operate as a 2-phase brushless linear motor when coupled with motion control electronics. Operating as a brushless linear motor allows the stage to achieve speeds, accelerations, and accuracies previously unachievable with a standard open loop linear stepper motor. Using absolute encoders removes the need to use home position sensors as the absolute position of the system will always be known, even after power is cycled, and end-of-travel limit switches provide protections against over travel situations.

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