Image Sensor Testing

Presto Engineering, San Jose, GA has developed a custom, computer-controlled testing solution that illuminates sections of CMOS image sensors wafers in turn. Integrating the results enables the whole wafer to be tested automatically for an array of large sensors or even sensors that are right up to the size of an entire 12-in. wafer. The Teradyne® IP750Ex based test solution provides a large (80 × 100 mm), uniform (±2 percent), high-intensity illumination field up to 10K Lux at a range of color temperatures. Built-in IR filtering prevents sensor damage.

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RF Module

A Bluetooth 5.0 long-range compliant RF module is available from Insight SiP, Sophia Antipolis, France. The ISP1807-LR module comes in a miniature SIP package that measures 8 × 8 × 1 mm. The BLE module is based on the nRF52840 chip from Nordic Semiconductor. It offers a Bluetooth 5 stack including long range, high throughput, advertising extensions, and improved coexistence along with IPv6 connectivity and Mesh capabilities, making it suitable to form the hub of IoT solutions.

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Lightweight Actuator

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Falmouth, UK, has launched a new lightweight actuator. The ASEP-CO Weirless Ridial Diaphragm™ in-line-valves combine a plastic body with stainless steel diaphragm interface and is designed specifically for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical market. The actuator is reliable, durable, and GMP compliant, and it requires fewer brackets or ancillaries for installation. They valves reduce maintenance by up to 80 percent. They are completely drainable, and their design virtually eliminates the risk of contamination.

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Digital Micrometer

Mahr Inc., Providence, RI, offers digital micrometers with high-speed measuring spindle positioning. The Micromar 40EWRi-L, which use the company's MarConnect interface, allows measurements that are 10 times faster than a standard micrometer. The nonrotating sliding spindle also protects sensitive workpiece surfaces against measuring damage. The integrated wireless system significantly accelerates the measurement of work-pieces while protecting the surface of the test specimens. The spindle makes a 5-mm movement with one revolution of the friction drive sleeve.

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Tamper-Free Inks

CTI (Chromatic Technologies Inc.), Colorado Springs, CO, has developed a technology designed to stop product tampering. The BlindSpotz™ technology uses a dual indicator to detect product tampering from heat and freezing. The Tamper Freeze and Tamper Heat inks show color and messaging when thieves use heat or cold to tamper with packages. The ink technologies are designed to protect documents, seals, tape, labels, or various packaging substrates. Tamper Freeze inks turn from clear to blue when exposed to temperatures below -10° C, while Tamper Heat turns from gray to orange (or gray to pink) if exposed to heat greater than 65° C.

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Balance Enclosure Workstations

An enclosure workstation from Hemco, Independence, MO, is designed to locate on an island or peninsula location with access on two sides. The SSE is offered in 24, 36, and 48 in. widths to accommodate an analytical balance and other small scale lab processes. It is constructed of chemical resistant metal framing and ¼ in. thick clear acrylic side panels and viewing sash. Efficient air flow design with airfoil and bypass directs contaminates to baffled exhaust, thereby providing superior air flow and containment performance for user protection. The ergonomic sash is angled 15° for ease of viewing comfort with 8 in. reach in opening height.

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Medical Power Supply

Power Partners, Hudson, MA, is has released a series of new ac/dc power supplies that feature either Class I or Class II input configurations and are designed for use in either medical or ITE applications. The PDAM120 series size is an industry standard 2 × 3-in. platform, available in three design options: open-frame, u-channel, and enclosed with its focus on high-efficiency and high-power density of 15.27 W/in3. Available in three single output models; 12, 24, and 48 VDC, each unit features 90-264 VAC input voltage range, no-load power consumption <300 mW, and operating temperature range of -30° to +70 °C (with derating).

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the January, 2019 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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