Medical Power Supply

Bear Power Supplies, Phelps, NY, has designed a CF-rated medical power supply for surgical instruments and other medical applications. The rugged 9-W AC/DC converter is sealed and encapsulated to withstand wash down and rigorous drop testing. It meets UL60601-1 and UL60601-2 standards for medical equipment. The compact medical power supply has less than 10 μA leakage current and measures less than 4 cu in. It has 120 VAC input and +9.1 VDC output. Other voltages are available on request. The power supply can be customized to meet OEM requirements for power, voltage, form factor, number of outputs, and other specifications.

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Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool

Bimba, University Park, IL, has launched a new plug-and-play end effector option for collaborative robots. The Collaborative Robot Vacuum Tool (CRVT has been developed to meet the versatile nature of collaborative robots. The CRVT is an off-the-shelf complete solution with no external valve required. The CRVT comes standard with venturi vacuum pump, valve, vacuum switch, muffler, and cups integrated in a single easy to use end effector. The CRVT is tested and approved to integrate directly with UR robots.

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3D Metal Printer

Laser Photonics, Orlando, FL, has developed a system for 3D laser metal printing, designed to make the existing basic process more robust and predictable. Called BTS™ – Bulk to Shape Transformation™, it is ideal for quick prototyping, new engineering idea validation, and instant market check. According to the company, it offers both cost efficiency and high quality, and in most cases, it represents the fastest path to MRL10 manufacturing production readiness level.

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Spring-Engaged Brakes

Nexen Group, Inc., Vadnais Heights, MN, has released a new spring-engaged brake family. The pneumatically released Zero-Backlash Spring Engaged (ZSE) brake offers high torque, high speed, and zero backlash ideal for holding applications. Unlike brakes using leaf springs to transmit torque, the ZSE is zero-backlash up to 100 percent of its rated holding torque. Four different sizes (450, 600, 800, 1000) are available. The bore sizes are available in three standard sizes and can be easily customized for customer needs. The ZSES brakes are available with internal sensors, making them ideal for Industry 4.0 compatibility. The sensors provide feedback and data to maximize machine safety and efficiency.

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Laminating Precision Parts

When a dielectric is required to maintain accurate finger spacing or for insulation, Tech-Etch, Plymouth, PA, can laminate materials such as polyimide. Polyimide can be die-cut and directly bonded in place or full sheet laminated and then photo etched for extremely accurate positioning. Parts can be formed after lamination of insulation. The company also photo etches polyimide film into flat parts including nonconductive washers, screens, gaskets, insulation layers, and liners, as well as haptics for intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery. For flexible circuits, the coverlay is the insulating layer of polyimide placed over the exposed conductors.

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Digital Signal Controller

A new family of 16-bit digital signal controllers (DSCs) is available from Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ. Designed to deliver faster deterministic performance in time-critical control applications, the new dsPIC33CK DSCs have expanded context selected registers to reduce interrupt latency and new, faster instruction execution to accelerate digital signal processor routines. The single-core family complements the recently announced dsPIC33CH dual-core family based on the same core.

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Optocouplers for Defibrillators

Skyworks, Irvine, CA, offers high reliability optocouplers for connectivity functionality in implantable cardiac defibrillators. The company's photovoltaic optocouplers establish the critical link between power supply circuits and control electronics. The custom and hermetic optocouplers operate effectively under extreme environmental conditions. Utilizing proprietary techniques, the company works closely with customers to design, test, and optimize devices to meet specific requirements.

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Shielded and overmolded cable connectors from Binder, Camarillo, CA, are part of the company's 707 Series, developed for the miniature sensor market. M5 cable connectors are available with three or four intermateable contacts and PUR cable lengths of 2 and 5 m. They have 360° shielding with nondisrupted data transfer due to screening attenuation values from 60 dB in the 1 GHz range, and a threaded nut that is immune to vibration.

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Wire Coating

Raumedic, Hembrects, Germany, has developed a wire coating process that produces a complete, even, and highly durable surface that can be made up of a range of polymeric materials. Under controlled clean room conditions, the VariCoat® process extrudes the melted polymer directly onto the wire, braid, or fiber in cutting-edge microextrusion technology. In this single-step process, the coating and the substrate are subjected to strain just once. The process produces a homogeneous pin-hole-free layer and extremely smooth surface structures. Features include concentric coating of the substrate, uniform layer thicknesses, no material flaking, and a customized degree of bond strength.

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Medical Design Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the December, 2018 issue of Medical Design Briefs Magazine.

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