Photo Etching

A capabilities brochure from Tech-Etch, Plymouth, MA, describes how the photo etching process enables the company to produce prototype quantities and large production runs of intricate parts for many diverse mechanical and electrical applications, without the high cost and long lead times of hard tooling. Custom light-gauge parts are produced with intricate patterns, precise tolerances, and burr-free edges, in addition to exact repeatability. Photo etching is used for many component level parts, such as maxillofacial and cranial titanium reconstruction implants, anode and cathode grids for implanted medical devices, and tungsten opaque components for x-ray devices. Metals such as beryllium copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, tungsten, nitinol, molybdenum, brass, and spring steels can be etched.

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Braiding Technology

Teleflex Medical OEM, Guernee, IL, has announced an advanced braiding technology that can divide a suture into multiple end branches or integrate several “loops” within the strand. This continuous braiding process can produce variations of complex, divided segments at the end of a suture, or between singular round or flat tape segments. The need for expensive and time-intensive manual sewing is eliminated. The braiding technology allows for a broad range of configurations that are expected to be used in orthopedic applications where two sutures are presently used for fixation. At this time, the furcated braiding process can be used to customize the company's high-strength Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid, a flat tape, and Force Fiber Fusion Suture, a product that transitions from round suture to a flat center and back to round suture in one seamless strand.

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Form-Fill-Seal Machine

QuickPouch, Ronkonkoma, NY, has released the second generation of its cycle on demand form-fill-seal machine for healthcare. While the original ACS was an optional control system package for the QuickPouch Vertical, the second generation Vertical ACS is a standalone model specifically designed for medical device, pharmaceutical, IVD, and healthcare companies requiring high integrity, high quality packaging in a compact, validatable, automated machine. It uses a pair of heated dies to form pouches from rollstock and utilizes integrated sensors, Allen Bradley PLC, and a color touchscreen HMI to monitor vital machine parameters such as heat seal temperature, pressure, and duration, as well as printer status, pouch length, and more.

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Composite Polymer

Evonik, Essen, Germany, has launched a new composite polymer. The company has integrated osteoconductive properties of calcium-phosphate based additives into its RESOMER® portfolio of bioresorbable polymers to enhance the performance of orthopedic applications used to heal or grow bones. RESOMER composites feature precise degradation rate profiles and mechanical properties such as elastic modulus that can be tailored to match the natural bone. Such benefits can help to minimize stress shielding for bone fixation devices such as interference screws, suture anchors, and fracture plates to encourage faster patient healing.

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Plug-In Power Supply

Triad Magnetics, Perris, CA, has introduced a line of linear external wall plug-in power supplies. The WAU AC series and WDU DC series power supplies provide low to zero noise performance along with high reliability and longer life than switching power designs. The plug-in power supplies eliminate the need for an internal power supply's cooling device, thereby reducing the noise level, size, and weight of the end product. These compact power sources with 6-ft cords keep heat away from sensitive circuits and supply a safer lower output to the end product. The WAU AC series feature a 60 Hz, 120 V input design, which is completely enclosed to prevent tampering. Output voltages include 12, 16, 20, and 24 Vac.

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Appliance Inlet

Schurter, Santa Rosa, CA, has released an IEC appliance inlet equipped with a standard V-Lock cord retention feature. The C20F is also being manufactured with new material, and the components now meet the increased glow wire tests according to IEC 60127-6 Edition 2 and IEC 60335-1 for appliances in unattended use. The filtered AC connector is designed for use in power supplies rated up to 16 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 20 A at 250 VA according to UL/CSA. The compact unit is designed to improve filter performance in applications with higher power demands. Standard and low-leakage medical filter options are available for use in commercial equipment according to IEC 60950 and for use in medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1.

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Hydraulic Actuator

Kyntronics, Cleveland, OH, has developed a smart actuator. The patentpending SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) offers power on demand, servo-controlled, variable speed actuation. The all-in-one (variablespeed motor, drive, cylinder) actuation system precisely controls position, force, and speed in applications requiring from 500 (2,225 N) to over 100,000 lb (445 kN) of force capacity. It provides high force and quick cycle times in a compact package and produces strokes up to 120 in. (3,048 mm). The flexible system features a compact footprint, combining the power-to-weight ratio advantage of hydraulic technology with the versatility, ease of installation, and control of electric servo technology.

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Precision Guides

Destaco, Auburn Hills, MI, has launched a news series of precision guides. When used in conjunction with the company's power clamp, pin clamp, and pin packages, the VV85G series guides provide users increased operational reliability. The units have the same mounting-hole pattern as the company's power-clamp products and are especially suitable for applications where widely extending pins need to be used to locate parts. This also makes them ideal for applications where multiple parts are produced on a single production line where clamping and locating points are situated in different positions.

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