Foot Switches

Steute Meditech, Ridgefield, CT, has released a line of medical table/chair foot switches that are easy to navigate. Its ergonomic designs make for ease-of-use and user comfort. Units can be customized for functionality and cosmetics (colors, logos, icons, graphics) to complement the specific chair/table capabilities without any nonrecurring engineering or tooling costs. All medical-grade foot switches are manufactured in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 Certified QM system for medical products.

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Bioprocessing Components

Nonsterile bioprocessing components are in stock and ready for immediate shipment from Qosina, Ronkonkoma, NY. The company's line of bioprocessing accessories includes Pharmafluor® tubing, barbed connectors and flanges, sanitary flanges, press-in barbed plugs, and compression fittings, as well as tube and flange clamps in various sizes and colors. Brands include Pharmafluor®, PharmaLok™, BioValve™, BioClamp™, and BioEnd Cap™.

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Flute End Mill

A variable helix flute end mill from Millstar, Orion Twp., MI, provides a unique combination of radial grind, variable helix, variable pitch, and radius preparation for maximum versatility and surgical precision. The EIV5 offers a reinforced cutting edge that allows increased chip load without risk of edge failure, variable pitch to accommodate large step-overs with no bottom vibration, and variable helix to eliminate side vibrations while achieving greater depth of cut. Corner radius preparation allows longer machining times without radius failure.

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Epoxy Potting

A thermally conductive potting compound is available from epoxySet, Woonsocket, RI. The EC-1015 low-viscosity system is ideal for potting, encapsulating, and casting applications where performance at continuous operating temperatures up to 180 °C are required. This epoxy is black and is heat cured with an eight-hour work time. It and can be cured as low as 100 °C and has a low coefficient of expansion and low cure shrinkage, thus minimizing stresses during cure and temperature cycling. It is an electrically insulative, high dielectric polymer that offers chemical resistance and proprietary protection.

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D-Connector Gaskets

EMI shielding D-connector gaskets from Tech-Etch, Plymouth, MA, are available in a wide variety of materials. Five standard sizes of 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50-pin configurations are available in stainless steel, beryllium copper; X, Y, Z axis conductive foam; and metalized fabric consisting of a metalized fabric over a polyurethane foam core.

Additionally, four conductive elastomers fill out the D-connector product line. The material is comprised of a woven aluminum wire screen impregnated with either a neoprene or silicone elastomer.

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Benchtop Vision System

The L.S. Starrett Company, Athol, MA, has released a new large field-of-vision (FOV) benchtop vision measurement system. The Starrett HVR100-FLIP has a 24 in. LCD touchscreen monitor, a 348 × 165 mm (13.7 × 6.5 in.) stationary top plate and 165 mm (6.5 in.) optics travel with a motorized power drive for accommodating various part sizes and enhanced performance. An LED ring light provides surface illumination, and LED backlight offers transmitted illumination. The main operator interface of the system displays a live video image with software measurement tools and graphical digital reading of measurements.

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