Panel-Mount Printer

Fujitsu Components America, San Jose, CA, has released a compact, panel-mount printer unit that reduces the time and cost needed to integrate high-speed printing capabilities into a variety of receipt- and label-generating equipment. This new unit is an addition to the company's existing 2-in. 24 VDC panel printer series, the FTP-62GUSL001-R. The series combines a 24 VDC 3-in., direct-thermal printer mechanism with automatic cutter and an RS-232C/USB interface board within a compact, panel-mount enclosure measuring 90 (d) × 111 (w) × 116 mm (h). The printer accommodates a variety of 80 mm wide, large-diameter thermal paper rolls with a thickness range of 60–100 μm.

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Gaging System

Mahr, Providence, RI, has launched new gaging software and a modular-based gaging system that allow users to configure and implement simple to complex gaging solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The MarWin Millimar Cockpit Software and Millimar N 1700 Modules are designed to meet the ID, OD, length, and simulated form measurement needs for speed to implementation, long- or short-runs, or quick changeovers. Both offerings provide the features of a dedicated bench or gaging computer system in a flexible and versatile set of tools that are combined to provide speed and accuracy for a custom or dedicated gaging solution. The software is already set up and configured by on-screen measurement icons, so users are not required to have specialized programming knowledge.

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Voice Coil Motor

A miniature linear voice coil motor from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, has a high force-to-size ratio. The LVCM-019-016-02 produces 8.9 oz. (2.5 N) of continuous force and 28.0 oz. (7.8 N) of peak force in a compact 0.750 in. (19.1 mm) diameter × 0.94 in. (23.8 mm) long envelope (at mid stroke). The high-speed motor has zero cogging and features high accuracy and high repeatability to less than1 μm (0.00004 in.) when operated in a closed loop as a DC servo motor. The low inertia, high acceleration voice coil motor has a stroke length of 0.25 in (6.4 mm) and is easily added to new or existing applications using the precision drilled and tapped 8-32 UNC-2B mounting holes.

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Stacker Connectors

AVX Corporation, Fountain Inn, SC, has released a new series of tall board-to-board stacker connectors. The new 00-9148 series tall stacker connectors are cost-effective, reliable, and robust. The connectors exhibit excellent resistance to shock and vibration and help reduce tolerance accumulation. The single-piece connectors also reduce assembly time and shorten BOM lists. They feature a double-row design with an 8 mm (±0.2 mm) board-stacking height, a 1-mm pitch, and eight positions, each rated for 1 A continuous current. Options include application-specific variants, including single-row connectors with 4–16 positions, double-row connectors with 8–32 positions, connectors with 4–12 mm board-stacking heights, and connectors with locating bosses for enhanced mechanical stability.

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Power Entry Module

Schurter, Santa Rosa, CA, has released a high-performance power entry module that combines an IEC C14 appliance inlet with 2-pole switch and 2-pole fuse holder. The DD14 integrates the EMC filter directly in line with the power input. The two-stage filter design suppresses interference voltages more effectively over a much broader frequency spectrum than single-stage filters, thereby having a positive effect on electromagnetic compatibility. Electromagnetic compatibility performance is further enhanced with a depth-saving two-stage filter. Shielding is optimized by screwing the metal casing of the filter to the panel, using its horizontal or vertical flange.

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EMI/RFI Shielding

Orbel, Easton, PA, has created a new EMI/RFI prototyping shield to help engineers prototype their board shields. The EZ-Matrixx is a modular prototyping shield that can be easily formed into a square or rectangular board shield that matches the desired profile. The shield has precision ventilation holes that offer ease of forming and trimming as well. It is made of a highly solder-able nickel silver alloy, making it ideal for quick application and testing for any application. The shield has the form flexibility of a foil, but with the sturdiness of a standard board shield.

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Flow Rate Calculator

SFC Koenig®, Dietikon, Switzerland, has created a restrictor flow rate calculator and a restrictor orifice size calculator. Both are publically available on the company's web site. The calculators assist customers in the design process as well as with product selection. Instead of manually determining a flow restrictor's performance, or the needed orifice size, the user can enter a few key data points and know which product to use or estimate the effect of an installed component. When using the flow rate calculator, users select a model and enter the orifice size, pressure difference, and the specific gravity of the fluid to calculate the flow rate. In the orifice size calculator, users select a restrictor model and enter the fluid flow rate, the pressure difference, and the specific gravity of the fluid to calculate the orifice size.

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