Silicone Extrusion Equipment

Rosendahl, Pischelsdorf, Austria, offers a line of silicone extrusion equipment designed to provide high flexibility and low scrap rates. The RN-Z sili-cone extrusion line can perform 24/7 at high speeds. Lines are available for conductor cross sections from 0.22 to 300 mm2. The line is configured for single and multilayer applications with defined adhesion between layers. A crosslinking process keeps the material stable and processes it into a cable with the requisite mechanical properties. The line can be operated by a single operator.

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Self-Clinching Flush-Head Studs

Self-clinching flush-head studs from PennEngineering, Danboro, PA, feature a unique low-displacement head design, enabling close-to-edge installation of the fasteners in thin metal sheets. The PEM®, FHL™, and FHLS™ studs provide ideal attachment solutions compared with weld studs and other conventional hardware by promoting easier and cleaner installation with fewer production steps and more reliable performance in service. Since the studs install permanently, they never loosen or fall out over time. Their low-displacement head design prevents any bulging of the edge of the sheet where the studs are mounted. With the head installed flush in the sheet, the studs will not protrude or otherwise interfere with assemblies.

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Scanning Electron Microscopes

ZEISS, Jena, Germany, has launched a new generation of focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes (FIBT-SEMS) for high-end applications. The Crossbeam 550 features a significant increase in resolution for imaging and material characterization and a speed gain in sample preparation. Nanostructures such as composites, metals, biomaterials, or semiconductors can be investigated with analytical and imaging methods in parallel. The microscope allows simultaneous modification and monitoring of samples, resulting in fast sample preparation and high throughput.

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Torque Calibration Machine

HBM Test and Measurement, Marlborough, MA, has released a torque calibration machine that has been accredited by DAkkS, Germany's national accreditation body. The accreditation enables the company to offer short delivery times. The torque calibration machine is accredited per ISO 17025 from 30 to 400 kN•m. The company's calibration laboratory now covers the company's complete portfolio of torque products ranging from 0.5 to 400 kN•m. The new reference machine is vertically aligned and enables both clockwise and counterclockwise torque to be calibrated in compliance with the recognized standards DIN 51309 and VDI2646.

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Air-Powered Stainless-Steel Pallet

A stainless-steel, air-powered, low-profile pallet from AeroGo, Seattle, WA, makes it possible for one operator to lift and move up to 31,000 lb. Built of corrosion-proof stainless steel, with USDA-approved lifting pads, the pallet mover is suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, cleanroom, or corrosive environments. The layout of the pallet includes a low-profile drive and ergonomic, modular J-handle with integrated controls. With a profile height under 5 in. from the floor, combined with the control of ~450 lb of drawbar, the design offers a very high capacity in a very compact package. Polymer lifting pads control the transfer of forces and therefore load path on the pallet structure.

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Components Catalog

Bal Seal Engineering, Foothill Ranch, CA, has published an expanded guide describing the form and function of its custom-engineered seals, springs, and electrical contacts, as well as the benefits of its engineering process. The 12-page guide, titled “Sealing, Connecting, Conducting and EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions,” uses photorealistic application images and descriptive insets to provide a detailed look at where and how Bal Seal® spring-energized seals, Bal Spring® canted coil springs, and Bal Contact® electrical contacts work. A graph in the guide's spring technology section compares the deflection of canted coil springs with other seal energizer types, including V-springs, ribbon springs, and O-rings. The guide also provides information about the company's collaborative engineering approach.

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Compact Coordinate Measuring Machine

Werth, Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, has released its TomoScope technology in a new compact format. The TomoScope® XS, combines many advantages of various machine classes. The transmission tube produces a small focal spot even at high x-ray power, so that rapid measurements can be performed at high resolution. The monoblock design combines the source, voltage generator, and vacuum pump into a single serviceable unit. This results in both long maintenance intervals and a virtually unlimited service life. Downtime and operating costs are minimized. The maximum x-ray voltage is 130 kV, with an available 160 kV for workpieces with greater radiographic length and denser materials. The air bearing rotary axis positions the workpiece with the highest precision to ensure low measurement uncertainty.

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